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Students perform a webquest to research information about the horse industry. They look at economic and the cultural impact of the industry on Central Kentucky and then create a group presentation that addresses all essential questions.
Search a variety of sources to create a multimedia or book project about Japan. Learners use the independent investigation method to plan and conduct research about Japan. They use the information they discover to create a computer book or a multimedia project for an oral presentation. Multiple resources and reproducible materials are included.
Sixth graders create straw structures and experiment to see how they would withstand an earthquake.  In this Earthquake lesson plan, 6th graders use increasing vibrations and record the effects on their straw structures.  Students discuss which designs withstood the simulated earthquake the best and why.
Students discuss impact of Negro Leagues on society, research Negro Leagues baseball players, paraphrase and summarize information, and present pertinent information in baseball card format.
First graders analyze the role of the Jim Crow laws on race relations. As a class, they are segregated based on the color shirt they have or some other simple criteria and wear either a square or circle sticker representing the majority and minority. They read the story of an African-American who is the first to attend an all white school and write a response to end the lesson.
Students discuss ways to help and respect others. They create skits that demonstrates cooperation, sportsmanship, and kindness. They video skits and share the information with other grades. Students write an essay on respectfulness.
Students map Mesopotamia. In this Geography lesson, students are introduced to Ancient Mesopotamia. Students use an atlas to label the defining features and areas of Mesopotamia on a map.
State reports can be a lot of fun, especially when the learners get to choose the state they study. This research and writing-focused social studies lesson engages learners in collecting information, essay structure, research, and synthesizing facts. The final project is a well-produced essay on one amazing state.
Fifth graders research one of the 50 U.S. States that they were unfamiliar with.  In this U.S. Geography lesson, 5th graders utilize encyclopedias as well as the Internet to research a chosen U.S. State in order to write a report.  Students peer edit each other's rough drafts before the report is published.
Students examine the importance of clear communication in scientific exploration. In pairs, they write clear directions for an everyday activity for their partner to read and follow.
Learners investigate the changes of their environment by experimenting with photography.  In this environmental observation lesson plan, students compare historic photographs of areas with pictures they have just taken.  Learners create a wiki site which allows them to share their observations with others and identify global changes.
In this writing model worksheet, students explore how to write an effective resume as they examine a sample resume and respond to 3 short answer question. Students also use the provided graphic organizer to write their own resume.
Students think more seriously about what they want to do for a living after high school. They investigate other options for success excluding the college tract. They explore the ramifications of every occupation and pursuit placing different demands on the human body.
In this Cristiano Ronaldo worksheet, students read about the life of the soccer player, then complete a variety of comprehension activities. An answer key is included.
Introduce your class to the techniques of proper writing. In groups, they brainstorm their ideas on family structures and discuss the importance of having a male figure in their lives. After listening to an African-American poem, they take notes on the elements used in the writings. To end the lesson, they develop their own starters to stories they are going to write.
Students explore physics. They investigate the strategies used by an engineer to solve a problem. Students construct various models to solve the problem. They display their solutions and explain how they solved the problem.
Students make connections between the rule and reign of Julius Caesar and the leaders of other countries. They then create a news show that communicates their understanding of four essential questions that are included in the lesson plan.
Use this packet of resources in your career unit about writing a resume. Filled with instructions, suggestions, and examples, this series of worksheets could be a great addition to a unit about careers and professional writing. Excellent for junior high, high school, college, or an adult ed class.
Students explore the various cultures of North America. They examine the differences and similarities between an immigrant's homeland and the culture of Central Kentucky. Students discuss strategies to make the transition easier for immigrants today.
Young scholars investigate various careers in the field of aviation in this lesson. They watch and discuss a video, develop a list of careers in aviation mentioned in the video, and create a resume and cover letter for an entry level aviation job.

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