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Students create a Thanksgiving craft. In this Thanksgiving lesson, students use Indian corn and tissue paper to make a wall ornament. Students discuss how corn was important to the pilgrims and Native Americans.
Third graders study the history of Thanksgiving. In this holiday lesson plan, 3rd graders read about the history of Thanksgiving, complete vocabulary activities, and write a journal entry from the point of view of someone who lived during that era.
Students read a book about Thanksgiving, and then create an acrostic poem about Thanksgiving. In this Thanksgiving lesson plan, students discuss their own families and what they are thankful for.
Students explore five web sites in order to identify the various ways Thanksgiving has been celebrated in the past and how it is celebrated today. They consider the diversity of United States and this affects celebrations of the day.
In this Thanksgiving story worksheet, students read a short story before choosing five sentences to change to passive sentences. They write the 5 sentences on the lines below the story.
Thanksgiving lesson plans can lead to a discussion of nutrition, chemical compositions, and healthy habits.
Students study the Wampanoag tribe to learn about the importance of the herring to their culture. In this Wampanoag lesson, students read information and complete multiple activities to learn about the role of the herring fish in the Wampanoag tribe.
Students plan and organize Thanksgiving dinner costs using an Excel spreadsheet.
Students view a video clip about the secrets of Thanksgiving. They discuss what they already know about the holiday and answer questions during the video. They create a poll to learn their community's favorite tradition.
Students research the first Thanksgiving. For this first Thanksgiving lesson plan, students research the Internet about how the first Thanksgiving came about between the Native Americans and the Pilgrims. They complete a KWL chart, and write about what they learned.
Students work cooperatively to create a classroom thanksgiving tree in this November art lesson for the elementary classsroom. Included with the lesson is a short resource list of books that contain more Thanksgiving craft ideas.
Young scholars examine how the Wampanoag tribe celebrated Thanksgiving. They discover how they helped the Pilgrims when they first came to the New World. They identify the similarities and differences between people.
The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is a fun yearly tradition and the center of these worksheets.  A future career in parade planning may available after completing this activity. Young learners are asked to calculate, measure, explain, and describe parade elements. While many Common Core standards are associated with the lesson, the questions are most appropriate for reinforcing 4th and 5th grade skills. 
Students identify what a harvest celebration is and its purpose. They demonstrate their understanding of a legend. They identify a relationship in which they need to apologize or forgive another person.
Fourth graders participate in a variety of activities surrounding Native American Thanksgiving. They perform the Round Dance of Unity and discuss how the everything found on the earth is "interconnected."
A rhetorical look at Thanksgiving celebrations from all sides of the American dinner table.
In this Thanksgiving worksheet, students fill in the blanks to sentences about Thanksgiving and label pictures. Students complete 2 activities.
Third graders read "The Plymouth Thanksgiving Story" by Chuck Larsen. They discuss their prior knowledge of Thanksgiving history and question traditional views. They consider that there are always two or more sides to a story.
In this Thanksgiving Day crossword puzzle instructional activity, students find the answers to 10 clues. They use the answers, which are associated with the Thanksgiving holiday, to fill in the puzzle across and down.
In this punctuation worksheet, 2nd graders read a paragraph about Thanksgiving and add in capital letters and ending marks. Students do this for 11 sentences.

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