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Students identify the correct way to read a book. In this book lesson, students use a Thanksgiving book to demonstrate the proper way to hold and read a book.  Students also practice beginning consonant sounds.
Second graders examine the development of the first Thanksgiving. They develop a list of the resources and technologies both the Pilgrims and the Indians shared with each other, listen to the book "The First Thanksgiving," and participate in a role-play of the Pilgrims trading items with the Wampanoag Indians.
American traditions of Thanksgiving come to life through culinary activities. Young chefs practice cooking a turkey and setting a table for a Thanksgiving family feast. They use math and reading skills to follow directions and measure ingredients accordingly.
Students create turkey napkin rings. In this art lesson ,students create turkey napkin rings. Students use paint and toilet paper tubes to create napkin rings.
In this Thanksgiving themed math worksheet, students calculate the answers to four word problems and then explain how they reached each answer.
In this Thanksgiving worksheet, students research and survey why the annual holiday, Thanksgiving, is celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday in November.
Students vote for their favorite food, then are handed a picture of each food. They cut out their picture along the dotted lines, and then paste it onto a piece of construction paper.
In this Thanksgiving vocabulary instructional activity, learners select the best choice to complete the sentence about Thanksgiving. The instructional activity challenges students with complex words.
In this Thanksgiving worksheet, students compete the Thanksgiving crossword puzzle. There are 13 clues provided at the bottom of the page for students to use to solve the puzzle.
In this Thanksgiving worksheet, students write short answer questions on how to handle situations on Thanksgiving, what food they would eat, and more. Students complete 5 questions.
Students, introduced to the American holiday of Thanksgiving, explore the origins of Thanksgiving, define words that are used in association with Thanksgiving, and explore the themes surrounding Thanksgiving in American society.
Students are introduced to the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving. The lesson plan can be adapted to all ages and levels of English production ability. They recognize and define words associated with Thanksgiving.
Students compare a Thanksgiving feast of today to the Thanksgiving feast of 1621. They analyze information to write a Rebus story about a Thanksgiving feast of today of the Thanksgiving feast of 1621. Pupils describe a typical Thanksgiving celebrated at their homes.
Third graders see the differences between the first Thanksgiving and the present day Thanksgiving. They create a menu for a Thanksgiving dinner after listening to a short article and helping the teacher create a Venn diagram. Students are asked: "What does your family do for Thanksgiving?"
Students examine the celebration of Thanksgiving and examine how some groups in the U.S. have been welcomed or excluded. They read stories by other teens about being included and excluded, and complete a group chart that identifies examples of inclusion and exclusion by the students.
Students use primary sources to evaluate the accuracy of the Thanksgiving story. For this critical thinking lesson, students work in cooperative learning groups. Students identify various myths of the first Thanksgiving primary sources, assess the value of primary sources in determining the origin of the first Thanksgiving, and examine the Native American role in the story.
First graders gain knowledge about the first Thanksgiving, how the pilgrims lived and the differences between our Thanksgiving today and the Thanksgivings of the past. They recognize different parts of the word Thanksgiving.
Students discuss the history of the first Thanksgiving celebrated by the Pilgrims in 1621. They then create coupon books in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday to give to someone whom they are thankful.
In this Thanksgiving Reading Comprehension worksheet students will read a passage about the history of the holiday and answer 10 multiple choice questions and 1 short answer question.
Students imagine what they think the First Thanksgiving was like and then draw a picture of themselves at the First Thanksgiving for a class book.

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