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Students research the story of the first Thanksgiving and use graphic organizers to display their findings. They complete a worksheet using their research.
Second graders complete a scavenger hunt on the World Wide Web in which they locate facts about Thanksgiving using a Power Point presentation. Once they are done answering the questions of the hunt, they take turns typing their answers in a Word document.
Second graders create individual "thankful" felt squares for use in a large classroom Thanksgiving quilt that can be put together using glue or hot glue. This great holiday lesson is based upon the book "Thanksgiving" by Miriam Nerlove.
In this Thanksgiving worksheet, students read about a modern Thanksgiving and read a list of common foods to serve. Students read 2 pages total.
Fifth graders investigate the significant people, events, and developments in the early history of the United States. They examine a timeline in their social studies textbook and discuss how a timeline works. In pairs they create a timeline about Thanksgiving.
Students identify story elements in a book about Thanksgiving. In this reading comprehension lesson, students read the book A Turkey for Thanksgiving and identify the plot, setting and characters in the story. Students create a tally chart to show their favorite holidays as well.
Learners explore the holiday of Thanksgiving by researching turkeys. In this animal characteristic lesson, students create a t-chart listing reasons why people should and should not eat turkeys. Learners analyze paragraph formats while writing about reasons they oppose turkey eating.
Learners conduct a survey. In this math lesson, students design and conduct a survey about Thanksgiving foods. Learners display the collected data in a graph and use the graph to determine what food to serve for a Thanksgiving meal.
High schoolers explore price index and how it's used to measure price level.
This lesson plan includes activities across the curriculum for Thanksgiving. They create a cornucopia for art, a food pyramid for Science, and a poem for Language Arts. Also included in this lesson plan are ideas for Thanksgiving themed centers.
In this Thanksgiving word search worksheet, students will find and circle 15 words. The word search is in the shape of a Pilgrim's hat.
Students create a Thanksgiving cornucopia basket. In this symbols instructional activity, students discover that the cornucopia is a symbol to Americans of Thanksgiving. Students cut pictures from magazinesĀ of items that belong in a cornucopia and paste them into their own cornucopia.
In this holiday word search worksheet, 5th graders locate 40 words associated with the Thanksgiving holiday. They use the words that are shown in a word bank at the bottom of the page.
Use the Tool Factory Workshop to have your class create a list of people to invite to their Thanksgiving Feast.They will take pictures related to the fall season and create invitations using Tool Factory Database. Students make a grocery list of items using a spreadsheet function. Students create a picture timeline of food items, make place cards for the feast, and make placements. Note: Digital cameras are required, but a different software package could be substituted.
Students identify what a harvest celebration is and its purpose. They demonstrate their understanding of a legend. They identify a relationship in which they need to apologize or forgive another person.
Students investigate a traditional American Thanksgiving. They recreate the first Thanksgiving in the classroom complete with food and appropriate decorations.
First graders identify symbols associated with special days and give reasons for observing holidays. They compare families of long ago with todya and talk about the first Thanksgiving and how it is celebrated in modern times. For homework, 1st graders create a diarama of how their family celebrates Thanksgiving. They also create a Venn Diagram in class of today's families and long ago and create a book of their family Thanksgivings in class.
Fourth graders participate in a variety of activities surrounding Native American Thanksgiving. They perform the Round Dance of Unity and discuss how the everything found on the earth is "interconnected."
Students investigate the traditions and history around Thanksgiving. They divide into groups and research specific aspects of the holiday. Students then share their findings with the rest of the class. They also complete crafts, interview family members and cook traditional foods.
Second graders explore the components of good listening skills to generate, process, and transfer information. Sentence formation, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and an awareness of order and sequence provide the focus for this Thanksgiving lesson plan.

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