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In these Swiss Family Robinson activity worksheets, students assess their understanding of the text by completing several chapters worth of questions that range in format.
Fifth graders read Swiss Family Robinson and respond to a survival scenario. In this focusing event lesson, 5th graders reflect on what they would do during a situation that required them to make a choice. Students share individually then compare their answers to one another to see the variety of opinions and reactions can occur.
Students explore how things are designed, built and function. Students interpret the film The Swiss Family Robinson. Students discuss and analyze medieval technology and the amazing craftsmen and stoneworkers it took to build such structures.
Students participate in a simulation of life on a deserted island. They work with their group to develop an island survival plan and summarize it in a journal. Students use a worksheet and challenge cards to earn points. They will be challenged to use their critical thinking skills and knowledge of islands to "survive" and return to safety.
S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders is powerful novel that speaks to adolescents. Support your pupils' study of The Outsiders with the materials in this packet. The materials consist of a reading log, prereading activities, reading comprehension questions for each chapter, a character study, and additional related activities such as a survey, a poetry assignment based on "Nothing Gold Can Stay," and a wanted poster.
It's so hard to remember how to punctuate titles! Give your class this practice packet to help them remember. On the first page, learners review the rules for punctuating the titles of short stories, monologues, commercials, etc. Then, learners apply what they learned to the 60 sentences that follow. 
Fourth graders read and analyze Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, and participate in problem solving activity similar to television show, Survivor. Eight lessons on one page.
Students discuss, develop, invent, and implement a plan for making informed personal economic decisions about renewable resources.
Students participate in a simulation of life on a deserted island. They apply their critical thinking skills and knowledge of oceans and islands to "survive" and ultimately return to safety. Lesson contains adaptations for all levels.
young scholars consider the reality television show 'Survivor' as a means to contemplate what it means to be a survivor. They create fictional characters and explore how different personal qualities would help and hinder their success on 'Survivor,' and the
Students read Call It Courage by Armstrong Perry and research the geography of the South Pacific where the story is set. They explore the plant and animal life in the region and how it is specifically adapted to live in that region.
Students read an age-appropriate novel in which an island setting plays an important role from a provided list. This will help them understand life on an island. They will analyze the plot, theme, characterization, setting, and style of the book.
Students study the plant process of photosynthesis through multiple activities. In this photosynthesis lesson, students make a graphic organizer, complete a science observation, and make a plant ID book to learn about the process of photosynthesis.
Students research types of animals and plants. They improve their reading skills by reading as a class the Newbery-winning book Call It Courage by Armstrong Sperry.

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