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Students analyze female artists who work in the genres of rock and roll, and alternative rock music. They complete an information sheet on biographical information.
In this pseudonyms learning exercise, 7th graders match the real names to the person's pseudonyms. Students discuss using pseudonyms, choose their own pseudonym, and write a paragraph about keeping their real name.
Kick-start Black History Month with a fantastic resource that blends a study of prominent African American leaders in history with information on different religions. Beginning with a brainstorm and then leading into a collaborative timeline activity, your class members will break into groups and read and research the biographical and historical information of such noteworthy figures as Malcolm X, Sojourner Truth, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as well as the influence of their religious beliefs on their activism and their contributions to society. They will then arrange themselves into chronological order according to the accomplishments of the figures they researched and peer-teach their group's findings to their classmates.
Students use the correct music terminology to evaluate a performance, composition, and arrangement of the song "Blinded by the Light" by Bruce Springsteen and compare it to another version recorded by Manfred Man.
Students locate Africa and share their knowledge of the continent, then read a news article about Oprah Winfrey building a school in South Africa. In this current events lesson, the teacher introduces the article with a discussion and vocabulary activity, then students read the news report and participate in a class discussion. Lesson includes interdisciplinary follow-up activities.
Remind your writers that not everything needs to be capitalized. Quotations should only be used for dialogue, titles of short works, and some phrases that are being emphasized. The presentation also covers some punctuation. The last two slides give sentences to practice. 
Students examine the messages given to others based on their clothing. In groups, they compare and contrast the clothes of today with those from the 1980s. While being shown a picture of a piece of clothing, they practice object analysis and individually create one piece of clothing to share with the class.
Slide right, slide left, knee, step, run, run, rolling, pivot, turn, shake those shoulders! These moves make up the 32-count dance to the tune of "Proud Mary" as performed by the cast from the TV show "Glee". Use the video to learn the steps before you teach it or use the video to do the teaching for you. It starts out slow with the music and then picks up the pace. Get those dancers moving!
Upper graders explore pop culture and pop music as a forum for female role models. They explore women who have currently contributed to our pop world and why they could be considered role models. They each interview a woman in their lives, asking questions about their female role model. Responses are then shared with the class.
In this research worksheet, students research which pop artist has spent the most time on the top of the charts and list how many weeks they spent there. Students research 20 pop artists.
Ace of Base is a popular band from the 90s. Test just how popular they are in your classroom by using this multiple-choice quiz. There are a total of ten questions. 
In this narrative perspective activity, learners read short passages and underline, circle or highlight whenthe narrator tells that a character's thoughts or feelings, then determine point of view.
Young scholars do research to discover the importance of water in the world and its effect upon our daily lives. They will also appreciate the beauty of water and how it is so adaptable within nature.

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