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Third graders research the cities in Florida and discuss information about that city.  In this travel brochure lesson, 3rd graders develop a list of attractions, slogan, and find facts about the city they are studying.  Students work on a planning guide activity to help with their brochure.  Students put their information into a publishing program in brochure format.
Create Ancient Egypt travel brochures. Research the culture of Egypt through the Internet and create an artistic travel brochure of the civilization. The final product is published for dispersal.
Students explore environmentally friendly activities for summer vacation on the Gulf and create a travel guide for these activities.
In this planning a road trip worksheet, students use the Road Trip Gizmo to answer 23 questions and complete charts about planning a road trip.
In this road trip learning exercise, students complete activities on the internet program Gizmo to calculate miles and gas in a simulated road trip. Students complete 23 problems.
In this comprehension learning exercise, students read an article titled "Summer Vacation is Too Long" and they answer 6 questions. They also answer 3 questions related to a calendar chart. 
Learners research ancient Rome. They examine and analyze effective travel brochures and then work in groups to research aspects of ancient Rome and present their findings in a brochure.
Students create a travel brochure based on the research they have done on the ancient civilization of Ancient Rome. In this Ancient Rome lesson plan, students research Ancient Rome and then present their findings to the class with their travel brochure.
Students create a travel brochure for the country of Japan.
Young scholars create a county and develop an illustrated travel brochure to persuade elementary students to visit their county.  In this persuasive writing lesson, young scholars use descriptive language effectively in a travel brochure.  Students add illustrations to create a brochure that is detailed, and visual.
Sixth graders research Western European countries, compiling their information and creating travel brochures for their countries. They include general information and pictures of their country.
Students use a road map to fill in the blanks while they pretend they are taking an imaginary road trip. They locate places and settlements.
Students read a novel and then research the setting to create a travel brochure for the activity. In this setting lesson, students read a novel and complete research online to write a travel brochure about the setting.
Third graders divide into teams and select a country to research. They read and review "Notetaking Skills" and begin their research. Next, they work together and share the information they have located. Each team fills in a template with their research items and print their travel brochure.
Students examine and explore various line, color, and movement elements in artwork. They view and discuss examples of abstract artwork, and create their own original abstract design that tells the story of a road trip.
Young scholars practice map skills and take a virtual road trip through Maine examining the history of transportation. They create questions from the information they learned and play a game against other groups.
Students research the geographical regions of Korea. They plan a hypothetical road trip that could be taken in the country. Students also write a study journal for the trip that records possible events that could take place.
Ancient Rome is the topic of this creative lesson. Students research Ancient Rome using the links provided, and then create a travel brochure using Microsoft Publisher. What a fun way to review facts on Ancient Rome!
Designing a travel brochure is a classic project that will help your class members develop a variety of skills, such as researching informational texts, designing creative visual products, and communicating what you have learned.
In this word recognition activity, students trace the words "summer vacation," write the words independently, and color the picture of a packed car.

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