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Elementary schoolers examine Albert Bierstadt's Wind River Country, and examine the manner in which he created his paintings.  The terrific plan has an outstanding version of the painting embedded in it for viewing. Learners look at how he used scale, depth, light and dark, composition, and details in the famous work. As a final project, pupils create an enticing travel brochure that includes photos, sketches, paintings, and/or other representations that depict a natural area near their town.
Seventh graders use the Internet to research the city of ancient Rome. They follow guidelines to design and create a travel brochure about the city and the class then votes on the most convincing representation.
Third graders research the cities in Florida and discuss information about that city.  In this travel brochure lesson, 3rd graders develop a list of attractions, slogan, and find facts about the city they are studying.  Students work on a planning guide activity to help with their brochure.  Students put their information into a publishing program in brochure format.
Create Ancient Egypt travel brochures. Research the culture of Egypt through the Internet and create an artistic travel brochure of the civilization. The final product is published for dispersal.
Students research travel information online in order to create a travel brochure. Working with a partner, they select a vacation destination to research, collect necessary information, download related pictures, and create a travel brochure for their destination.
Students explore the concept of insects and their habitats.  In this insect habitat lesson, students create travel brochures for particular insects.  Students must include habitat, producers, and consumers with in the vacation spot. 
Fourth graders co-operatively design travel brochures that describe major physical and cultural characteristics of the regions in North Carolina.
High schoolers review body systems and their functions. As a representative of the Duodenum Dynamics Ad Agency, they create a travel brochure for the Anatomy Travel Bureau.
Students research the planets and create a "travel brochure." In this space science lesson, students read the book Magic School Bus: Lost in Space and identify various properties of each planet. Students create a brochure for a specific planet.
Learners explore environmentally friendly activities for summer vacation on the Gulf and create a travel guide for these activities.
In this planning a road trip worksheet, students use the Road Trip Gizmo to answer 23 questions and complete charts about planning a road trip.
In this road trip worksheet, students complete activities on the internet program Gizmo to calculate miles and gas in a simulated road trip. Students complete 23 problems.
In this comprehension worksheet, students read an article titled "Summer Vacation is Too Long" and they answer 6 questions. They also answer 3 questions related to a calendar chart. 
Fifth graders write a descriptive narrative about summer vacation. The use of this topic helps the lesson to have a high engagement level. Technology is infused in the lesson with the use of computers to write the report.
Students research ancient Rome. They examine and analyze effective travel brochures and then work in groups to research aspects of ancient Rome and present their findings in a brochure.
Students, using the internet and other sources, research a Caribbean island. They work, in groups, to design a travel brochure. Students share their findings and information with their classmates. Additional cross-curriculum activities and objectives are included.
Students create a travel brochure based on the research they have done on the ancient civilization of Ancient Rome. In this Ancient Rome lesson plan, students research Ancient Rome and then present their findings to the class with their travel brochure.
Students create a travel brochure for the country of Japan.
Seventh graders study producers and consumers in habitats. They examine the trophic levels and how different organisms interact with a focus on insects. They create a travel brochure for an insect to visit a habitat which they create.
In this literacy worksheet, students find the words related to the topic of summer vacation. The answers are found on the second page and this helps increase vocabulary.

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