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In this factoring worksheet, learners find the common term, use special products or use the diamond method to factor polynomials. Explanations and examples are provided. This three-page worksheet contains 45 problems. Answers are provided at the end of the document.
In this math study guide, students solve problems previously studied throughout the school year. Problems include, but are not limited to, volume, area, perimeter, square roots, binomials, trinomials, graphing, and consumer math. This eight-page worksheet contains 32 problems. Answers are provided on the last page of the worksheet.
In this multiplying and factoring polynomials worksheet, students solve 25 short answer problems.  Students FOIL binomials, expand binomials, factor perfect square trinomials, etc.
Here's a fun way to explore and practice the concepts of multiplying monomials, multiplying binomials, and factoring polynomials. Included is the puzzle worksheet containing nine different sets. Don't worry, there's an answer key also.
In this algebra lesson, students define algebraic terms and rewrite them using math symbols. There are 10 problems drawing correlations to geometry as well as algebra.
In this algebra worksheet, 11th graders factor monomials and polynomials. They solve quadratic equations involving binomials and trinomials. There are 6 questions on this worksheet.
Students factor numbers using Algebra Lab Gear. In this factoring quadratic equations instructional activity, students determine a number of different ways to factor a list of numbers. Students create a rectangle out of the pieces with no gaps and figure out what binomials could create such a rectangle for each problem. Students also create a chart in their groups that displays the attachments of each variable.
In this introduction to polynomial function worksheet, students classify, state the degree, find the intercepts, and evaluate polynomial functions. Six of the problems are true/false problems and thirty-eight and free-response problem solving problems.
In this perfect square worksheet, students factor perfect square trinomials and polynomials. They identify trinomials and polynomials that are perfect squares. This one-page worksheet contains 21 problems.
In this polynomial functions worksheet, students solve eight-six various problems concerned with the degree, graph, intercepts, end behavior, and transformations of polynomial functions. Some of the problems are algebraic work and some are graphical.
In this algebra worksheet, pupils solve a variety of problems. They find the greatest common factor of polynomials, factor polynomials and trinomials, and solve algebraic equations and real life story problems. Nine of the hundred problems require the interpretation of a story.
In this expressions and operations activity, 9th graders solve and complete 5 different multiple choice problems. First, they determine the complete factorization of various trinomials. Then, students find the equivalent equation to a completely factored trinomial.
In this perfect squares and factoring instructional activity, students solve and complete 26 different problems that include a number of polynomials. First, they determine whether each trinomial is a perfect square trinomial and factor if possible. Then, students factor each polynomial and write prime for those that are not.
In this completing the square activity, 11th graders solve and complete 24 different problems. First, they solve each equation by using the square root property. Then, students find the value of the variable that makes each trinomial a perfect square and write the trinomial as a perfect square.
Pupils are given a set of Old Poly cards and then match polynomials to their factored forms in a game of Old Maid. They complete a worksheet for assessment.
A teacher guided lesson on perfect squares and factoring. They discuss perfect squares, observe the expansion steps for finding the product, and practice solving problems. They complete a worksheet on perfect squares and factoring.
In this expressions and operations worksheet, 9th graders solve and complete 10 different multiple choice problems that include various types of expressions. First, they determine the complete factorization of a given trinomial. Then, students find the solution for various equations shown. They also determine the solution set for a given equation.
In this Algebra I worksheet, 9th graders expand and simplify binomial expressions.  The eight page worksheet contains detailed instruction and examples and twenty practice problems.  Answers are not provided. 
Learners examine factoring polynomials. They observe a PowerPoint presentation as an introduction to factoring. Students factor binomials, trinomials and the difference of two perfect squares. Learners calculate problems after factoring them.
Students identify and describe polynomials and their elements, discuss simple parts that make up equations, inequalities, and exponents, take notes on definitions of terms and their types, including monomials, binomials, and trinomials, practice independently, and play flash card quiz game.

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