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Young scholars explore U.S. geography by planning a trip with classmates. In this mapping lesson, students examine a U.S. map and identify the different destinations they wish to visit, specifically sports arenas. Young scholars utilize a calculator to identify the mileage and time it will take before writing trip directions.
Students study the United States geography using Google Earth. In this U.S. geography lesson, students create travel journals about five U.S. geographical locations. Students research the human and physical characteristics for each region.
Students examine the different characteristics of the regions of the United States. They discuss places they have visited in the U.S., and in small groups conduct research on a selected region of the U.S. Each group labels a map of their region with the physical features, towns, and states.
In this geography worksheet, students use the 14 clues in order to fill in the crossword puzzle with the appropriate United States geography answers.
Students explore the national parks of the American West. In this geography skills lesson, students watch "U.S. Geography: The West," and examine print and Internet sources about the national parks found there. Students feature their findings in travel brochures that they create.
Provide your 11th graders with a basic understanding of U.S. Geography. They label the state, regions, and boundaries found in the contiguous U.S. as well as Hawaii and Alaska. Then, they complete two Internet related activities. 
Students investigate U.S. Geography by creating a map in class. In this natural resource lesson, students create a map of the United States and research the Northeast based on their resources and recyclable materials.  Students utilize the Internet to help identify all waterways.
Learners discover United States geography by completing a graph. In this agriculture lesson plan, students read assigned text regarding the food production of individual states in the country and their economic impact. Learners complete a graph which displays the top five commodities in the U.S. and answer study questions based on agriculture.
Students explore U.S. Geography by analyzing a map. In this state vs. country lesson, students utilize a U.S. map and locate the state of Kansas before researching the history and customs of the state. Students collaborate as a class to celebrate the birthday of Kansas and complete several state worksheets.
Students research a state. They present research to class in a creative manner.
Students explore U.S. geography by researching agriculture. In this dust bowl lesson, students complete a cause and effect worksheet based upon the dust bowls that covered a large portion of Oklahoma and Texas in the early 1900's. Students conduct a small experiment using soil, aluminum pans and water in class.
Students discover the beautiful state of Hawaii by creating travel documents.  In this U.S. Geography activity, students utilize the Internet to research Hawaii and design a travel brochure.  Students create a sample budget for a Hawaiian vacation.
For this geography worksheet, students study the United States. Students respond to 6 multiple choice questions about the map.
Students explore U.S. geography by reading assigned text in class. In this Alabama state lesson, students identify the location of Alabama as well as the state bird, animal and flower. Students research the Civil Rights era in relation to Alabama as well.
Students explore the geographic regions of the United States. In this geography skills lesson plan, students examine the latitude and longitude, landforms, physical regions, natural resources, and climate of the United States. Students create a model landform and also respond to essential questions throughout the lesson plan that are compiled in a portfolio.
In this United States geography worksheet, learners study the image of the Midwestern states. Student then label the states with the following choices: Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Illinois, North Dakota, Kansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.
In this United States geography worksheet, students examine the outline maps of 14 states and identify each of them and their capital cities.
Sixteen fill-in-the-blank sentences require choosing between two options to complete the statement about United States geography. While intended as a guided reading activity for an unnamed textbook, the handout remains useful as a pre- or post-assessment on this topic. There is no key.
Sixth graders investigate U.S. Geography by viewing a slide-show demonstrating the different land types in the country.  In this Geography lesson plan, 6th graders analyze photographs of the United States and discuss the different people that inhabit the different regions.  Students view a slide-show and research the Internet to investigate  U.S. geography.
Students explore the west coast of the U.S. by viewing photographs in a slide-show. In this U.S. geography lesson, students discuss "manifest destiny" and the idea of expanding the U.S. back in the 1800's. Students view a PowerPoint presentation with images of monuments from California which students identify.