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In this Florida geography worksheet, learners locate and label the important features of Florida and create icons for the economy and culture of Florida.
In this Texas map instructional activity, students locate and label key features of Texas on the map and create icons to symbolize the economy and culture of Texas.
Students use a given chart and the 50 state quarters to synthesize information about the 50 states and the dates that they were admitted into the union. Students complete a math worksheet while referring to the chart.
Learners participate in a computer game in which they locate and place the U.S. states on a blank outline map. In small groups, they take turns dragging and dropping the states in the proper location on a map.
Students research agricultural products of the Midwest. In this Midwest lesson, students watch a video about the geography of the Midwest, discuss how topographical features were formed and review the agricultural products the Midwest is known for. Working in groups students make a billboard advertising an agricultural product found in the Midwest, and present it to the rest of the class.
Young geographers complete a research project. They list the physical features found in the American South. They then discuss the economy, culture, and geography found in the South. They work in groups to research one of the five physical features, prepare an oral presentation, and present their information to the class. Ask guiding questions to encourage listeners to assimilate what they heard and derive supporting evidence and reasons for speakers' claims.
Students investigate the geography of the Northeast states. In this map skills lesson, students are shown a map of the Northeast states and identify the state names and borders. Students construct individual maps of the Northeast using crayons and construction paper.
Fourth graders locate and identify geographical features and on a Kansas map. In this Kansas geography lesson, 4th graders generate concepts to be added to a graphic organizer web map about Kansas. Students label or outline cities, rivers, and borders on their individual map as the teacher demonstrates on a SmartBoard.
Students create a state map using Playdoh. In this hands-on state geography activity, students work in groups to form a three-dimensional  map of their state using Playdoh made at home following a (given) recipe. Students use four colors to represent topographical features, then label the important cities, rivers, and lakes.
Encourage young learners to explore the United States with this printable map puzzle. A fun activity that engages children in learning US geography.
Naming and locating each of the 50 United States of America is one task every kids need to master. Help them along the way with a fun hands-on activity that includes the whole class. Included here are the instructions for creating larger-than-life puzzle pieces of the United Sates. They can be used as flashcards and they can also be used to construct a giant US map on the classroom floor. The kids will learn the name and location of each state as they work together to construct the puzzle. Tip: Have the class help make the 50 states puzzle pieces.
Students discuss their favorite rock groups and bands. They create rock groups that will be touring New York State. Students research cities in New York, determine dates of concerts, create touring itineraries, and develop Inspiration webs of different cities.
Students master information about state geography. They participate on teams and quiz each other on geography.
Students discover facts about Alabama. In this Alabama lesson, students gain information about Alabama's state bird, state flower and state animal. Students study the history of how Alabama became a state.
Students discover where certain states are located and what the look like. They look for their information on a web site. Each student is assigned a state which they must research then present to the entire class.
Students become familiar with the states. They study capitols, mottos, nicknames, and other various details. They create group projects that be presented to the class.
Here is a wonderful series of lessons that combine elements of geography, language arts, and math into a unique educational experience that's all about US geography and places. In these lessons, pupils use math and mapping skills to calculate distance and travel time between US destinations. They explore the physical beauty and geography of the United States. The lessons are packed with great ideas, projects, collaborative learning opportunities, and excellent worksheets.
The different geographic regions of the United States are the focus of this lesson. Learners research each of the five regions and create a PowerPoint presentation on each one. They discover how to effectively search for images and video clips of important landforms and monuments to incorporate into their presentations. A scoring rubric is included in this very good plan.
Fifth graders collaborate with another fifth grade classroom while learning about various locations in the United States. This is a telecollaborative video conferencing project that is designed for students studying United States history and geography.
In this home-school United States map worksheet, students work with a family partner as they study a map of the United States. They talk about the states they have visited, play a game by giving each other clues about states, and write about states of different sizes and locations. They receive Internet links for web sites to use with the activity.