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Students explore U.S. geography by reading assigned text in class. In this Alabama state instructional activity, students identify the location of Alabama as well as the state bird, animal and flower. Students research the Civil Rights era in relation to Alabama as well.
Students create maps of their own state using information from the National Geographic "MapMachine" website. They draw and label features on a blank map of their state, discuss the geographic features of their state, and create a state map from memory.
Students discuss their favorite rock groups and bands. They create rock groups that will be touring New York State. Students research cities in New York, determine dates of concerts, create touring itineraries, and develop Inspiration webs of different cities.
Students discover facts about Alabama. For this Alabama lesson, students gain information about Alabama's state bird, state flower and state animal. Students study the history of how Alabama became a state.
The quartz crystals found in the mountains of Arkansas are among the purest and clearest in the world! This lesson has middle schoolers focus on this state mineral of Arkansas as they study the state's geography. A fun game is incorporated in this plan which will help learners understand more about this important mineral. The game cards are embedded in the plan.
Twelfth graders consider the dependence of the United States on foreign oil. In this global issues lesson plan, 12th graders conduct research to analyze United States dependency on foreign oil. Students use their findings to design spreadsheets and compose essays pertaining to the topic.
Middle schoolers explore geography, climate, and adaptations by creating a country of their own. In this geography instructional activity, students work in groups to create a map of an imaginary country, they will include geography, climate, plants, and animals. Middle schoolers design a list of three plants and animals of their country and explain their characteristics and adaptations.
Sixth graders research one of the 50 United States using the Internet and print resources. They design a travel brochure that highlights one of the states geography, official state information and travel destinations. They combine the individual slide presentation into one large presentation.
In these five worksheets about the state of Illinois, students read facts about the state's geography, history, economy, and entertainment and observe a map to answer multiple choice questions. Students answer 30 questions.
Students examine the differences between various state constitutions in the United States. Then, using their own
In this reading passages about the state of Alabama worksheet, learners read about the state's geography, history, exploration, industry, and people and use the information to answer multiple choice and true and false questions. Students answer 30 questions.
Students participate in a variety of state-related activities. They read various books about the fifty states, create a travel brochure about a selected state, conduct research on famous people from their own state, and create a collage about different climates and areas of the U.S.
Students explore basic map skills. In this United States geography lesson, students define "country" and "state," locate their state on a United States map, and identify and trace state boundaries defining their state and surrounding areas.  
Twelfth graders participate in a lesson with the guiding question throughout that is "How dependent is the United States economy on foreign oil?" Students will gather data, create spreadsheets and show evidence of their learning through the creation of a graph and a post-assessment essay.
Students study the United States geography using Google Earth. In this U.S. geography lesson, students create travel journals about five U.S. geographical locations. Students research the human and physical characteristics for each region.
In this geography instructional activity, students use the 14 clues in order to fill in the crossword puzzle with the appropriate United States geography answers.
A trivia-style virtual road trip in which the player's car is moved from state to state as questions are correctly answered. Ideally, a player would learn about different states by reading the simple brochures available in the Visitor Center before visiting the state to answer the questions. Incentives are offered for completing regions or making special deliveries.
Kids have fun learning US geography and state facts, including capitals, nicknames, major cities, and landmarks. They can choose between the game, or informational flashcards for each state.
Students create a personal journal where they pretend they are trying to get people back to their own time who have traveled to present day through a portal, and use geographic information from Second Life to do so. For this geography lesson plan, students explore Second Life and different regional maps of the United States.
Students create a state map using Playdoh. In this hands-on state geography instructional activity, students work in groups to form a three-dimensional  map of their state using Playdoh made at home following a (given) recipe. Students use four colors to represent topographical features, then label the important cities, rivers, and lakes.