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Students use verbs to tell not only what is taking place but when it took place as well. They identify past, present and future verb tenses and check sentences and paragraphs for correct verb tense.
Students examine verb tenses. In this grammar instructional activity, students explore past, present and future verb tenses in a classroom activity. Students correct inconsistent verbs in written samples and work.
In this verb tense worksheet, students fill in the blanks with the word that is in the correct verb tense and then label the tense of verbs given. Students complete 16 problems.
In these verb tense worksheets, students complete a packet on the question word order in verb tenses. The worksheets feature only one tense, but may be adapted for other tenses.
In this verb tense activity, students complete a ten question multiple choice on-line interactive activity about the proper subject and verb agreement in sentences.
Discover how to use proper verb tenses with context clues. Five sentences help first graders decide if they should use -ed or -ing to end simple verbs. Each sentence provides context clues to indicate the time. Use the resource in vocabulary groups or in your language arts lesson.
In this recognizing the six verb tenses worksheet, students read statements and interrogative sentences and identify the tenses of their verbs. Students write 10 answers.
In this varied verb tenses practice worksheet, students draw two lines from each of 8 sentence beginnings through two conjunctions and two ending to form 8 grammatically correct sentences.
In this varied verb tenses practice worksheet, students connect the words in each sentence to find their way through the maze.
In this verb tense worksheet, students read sentences about pirates, write what verb tense the sentence is in, and explain how they know. Students do this for 10 sentences total.
Sixth graders evaluate parts of speech. In this verb tense lesson, 6th graders perform different action verbs for the class. In small groups, students write a story using different verb tenses and transfer their story to PowerPoint. Multiple activities are provided.
Young grammarians demonstrate their knowledge of the principal parts of verbs and the six tenses by using correct verb tenses in their writing. They create a product that demonstrates their knowledge of using verb tenses correctly. Once they complete the product, have them label at least three different examples of verb tenses.
Sixth graders demonstrate an understanding of present, past, and future verb tenses through independent practice and by using these verbs in sentences to describe appropriate student-selected clip art.
In these verb tenses and word order worksheets, students complete several activities that help them learn to understand and correctly use the future verb tense and sentence word order.
In this verb tense learning exercise, students complete a 7 question fill in the blank on-line interactive exercise. Students read a sentence and fill in the past or present form of the verb "have".
In this verb tense reading comprehension worksheet, students read an excerpt from an Al Gore speech and then respond to 10 true or false questions.
In this recognizing verb tenses: present, past, and future worksheet, students read a review of verb tenses with example sentences, identify the tenses of verbs in sentences, rewrite sentences to change them to past tense and future tense, and review and assess knowledge. Students write thirty-one answers.
Sixth graders explore the concept of verb tenses. They view a presentation on verb tenses, complete worksheets and write appropriate-tense sentences to illustrate clip art. They can compile a class book with their illustrations.
In this verb tense interactive activity, students use the correct form of the verb in parenthesis at the end of each sentence. They use either the simple present or simple past form of each verb in 20 sentences. They submit their answer using the "Done" button.
In this verb tense worksheet, students circle the verbs in the story, rewrite them in the past tense, and then rewrite the story with the past tense verbs. Students do this for 26 verbs.

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