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In this mathematical vertical subtraction worksheet, students problem solve thirty subtraction equations for mastery of the skill of subtraction.
In this subtraction activity, students practice subtracting three digit numerals. Twenty five problems are listed. Some problems do require regrouping.
In this math worksheet, students analyze and solve 25 subtraction problems. All have 3 or 4 digits. There is regrouping, sometimes twice. There are no examples on this page.
In this subtraction activity, 4th graders convert 10 vertical subtraction problems to the horizontal format, with 3 and 4 digit numbers, with answers included.
In this vertical subtraction worksheet, students solve the 12 double digit subtraction equations written by converting them to vertical equations.
Students practice subtracting numbers from one through ten. For this subtraction lesson, students use counters and a workmat to complete several subtraction problems on an overhead projector.
In this subtraction practice worksheet, students solve 10 problems that require them to subtract 1, 2, or 3-digit numbers from 3 or 4-digit numbers.
In this vertical subtraction worksheet, students read an example, then solve a set of 8 vertical problems. An answer key is included on page 2.
In this vertical subtraction instructional activity, students read an example, then complete a set of 14 problems, putting numbers in the right column and working from right to left. Answers are included.
In this decimal subtraction worksheet, students solve 8 problems that require the subtract decimals using vertical subtraction. An example is provided.
In this vertical subtraction worksheet, students read an example of vertical subtraction problems, then complete a total of 12 problems, following the models given.
In this subtraction worksheet, students answer 5 simple subtraction questions where they cross off dots on dominoes and then answer a corresponding subtraction problem in both vertical and horizontal formats.
Get some practice with double-digit addition and subtraction from all directions! Learners complete two equations for each operation, one horizontally and one vertically. Consider your objective with this one; do you want scholars to use mental math to solve the horizontal equations, or can they rewrite? There is borrowing and regrouping involved in the vertical equations but not the horizontal ones. The final question has them examine two rows of clocks, writing the numbers into a subtraction problem and finding the difference vertically. Explain this last one, as the directions are confusing.
Give your mathematicians some practice with three-digit numbers as they complete these addition and subtraction problems. There are six vertically-formatted equations to start, then learners add to and subtract from eight numbers horizontally. The last set is formatted in tables for a more visual approach; consider having scholars create their own addition and subtraction tables for one another!
In this vertical addition and subtraction activity, learners decide to use partitioning when adding or subtracting vertical equations. Students solve 10 problems.
In this vertical addition and subtraction worksheet, students change the horizontal equations to vertical equations and solve the addition or subtraction problems. Students solve 15 problems.
In this subtracting across and down worksheet, 1st graders examine pictures of dominoes to complete each subtraction problem. They see the dominoes placed horizontally and vertically before they subtract in 5 problems.
Get some good practice with triple-digit addition and subtraction with these 10 problems. Only one addition problem requires regrouping, and none of the subtraction problems require borrowing. Question four turns into a four-digit number. Be sure to encourage kids to show their work here, as there is plenty of room.
In this subtraction worksheet, students fill in circles with the missing numbers to find the differences. They subtract across and down by following the arrows to make each equation true.
In this subtraction worksheet, 4th graders find the differences in 4 problems. They complete problems with in the hundreds, thousands, and ten thousands place values.

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