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Seventh graders compare/contrast the life cycles of free-living organisms to that of parasites. They conduct Internet research, illustrate the stages of a specific organisms's life cycle, and direct and produce a mini-video production.
Students, in groups, create their first video production. The video shows students walking to school. They are to make smooth transitions between shots.
Students discover the dangers posing our environment.  In this environmental awareness lesson, students investigate problems like global warming and pollution and discuss ways their generation can solve these issues.  Students research ideas using the Internet.
Students work in groups to identify a topic or issue that they feel passionate about and produce a short PSA for the topic. In this PSA lesson, students select an issue or social problem to research. Students create a video or a public service announcement for the issue.
Students research environmental issues through various Internet sites. In this technology-based lesson, students write a one page summary of the research they have done on an environmental issue. Students use the Internet sites included in this lesson plan.
Learners study the Cold War. In this world history lesson, students research the Cold War on the Internet and create a mock newscast about the Cold War. Learners record the newscast by using a video camera.
Learners explore weather through an interview with a scientist.  For this weather lesson, students conduct weather research and then analyze an interview with a weather scientist. Learners prepare a multimedia presentation to share the work.
Students conduct political campaigns. In this campaign investigation lesson plan, students research political parties and political offices. Students choose an office to run for and create election videos that incorporate propaganda techniques.
Students conduct career-based interviews. In this career education lesson, students research careers and interview career professionals to produce a video that features ins and outs of the career.
Students research the events of a specific year of the Cold War. In this Cold War instructional activity, students investigate the causes of the Cold War and highlight the events of a particular year.  Students create a storyboard and a video newscast presentation based on their research.
After researching the Greenland Space Science Symposium, curious thinkers create a PowerPoint or video presentation. They use the information they gathered to construct their presentation.
Seventh graders examine student exchange programs.  In this Current Events lesson, 7th graders produce a website for viewers.  Students research the life of foreign exchange students. 
Students examine global issues. For this current events lesson, students use Internet research and interviews within their community to focus on 1 global issue in order to create a presentation regarding it.
Students analyze global issues. In this research skills lesson, students research selected global issues. Students create e-collages or digital videos that feature their selected issues.
Students choose a Shakespearean play to reenact into a modern setting. In this Shakespeare lesson, students practice insulting each other using Shakespearean language. Students watch Shakespeare plays and complete online research. Students decide on a Shakespeare play and scene to modernize and role play.
Students create digital portfolios. In this careers lesson plan, students conduct research and use digital tools so that they can plan and present multimedia presentations that feature their best work, their extracurricular activities, and their aspirations.
Students study the scientific method and conduct an experiment using this method.  in this experimental lesson plan students develop their own science experiment. 
Young scholars use multimedia technology to create a kids news bulletin. In groups, they explore an interesting topic of study. Prior to beginning their investigation, students observe professionally made newsbreaks. Using the internet, young scholars research their topic and create a video.
Group learners together to identify a question relating to an issue and create a 60-second kids news break highlighting information that begins to answer the question. They research and answer issue questions in a news story format. 
Fourth graders create an intriguing beginning for a drab scenario. They plan and present a video production of a skit with an intriguing beginning.

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