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In this Cold War worksheet, students respond to 21 short answer questions regarding the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, and the Chinese Civil War.
Students explore American history by practicing their letter writing. In this Vietnam War lesson, students discuss the conflict in Vietnam and read a book about the war's impact on people in both nations. Students answer study questions about the conflict and write letters to living Vietnam Veterans.
In this famous people worksheet, students read about the life of Helen Clark and complete a variety of comprehension activities including but not limited to matching, sequencing, writing and spelling activities. An answer key is included.
Eleventh graders analyze the lyrics of protest music. In this Vietnam War lesson plan, 11th graders examine conflict as they consider the controversial nature of the war as evidenced in song lyrics. Students also consider the Iraq War and its impact on soldiers.
Students view a television program comparing conventional and guerilla warfare. They compare and contrast guerilla movements in Cuba, Vietnam and Afghanistan. Students also consider the American Revolutionary War from the perspective of guerilla warfare.
Middle schoolers reflect on their thoughts about the Vietnam War.  In this history lesson, students exhibit all they learned about the Vietnam War by sharing their knowledge through the creation of a portfolio that is shared with their parents.
Young scholars examine illustrations and readings about the Vietnam War. They discuss how the images show the theme of death. They write letters to veterans at a local veteran's hospital.
Students study biography from the 19th century. They read "The Red Badge of Courage." Students research a topic from the list provided in the lesson and write a 5-7 page paper. They study lyrics and melodies of the confederacy and contrast/compare their messages and meanings to the social climate of the day.
Students examine the impact of the Kent State shootings. In this 1960's American history lesson, students access interviews, images, and articles regarding the shooting and its causes. Students discuss how the shootings revealed a deep division within the United States.
Eleventh graders explore opinions regarding U.S. involvement in Vietnam. In this primary source analysis lesson, 11th graders analyze political cartoons related to the Vietnam War and then respond to the provided discussion questions.
Students explore justice issues. In this social activism lesson, students watch "Social Activism in the United States," and then locate newspaper articles from the 1960's and 1970's about events during the era.
In this Cold War worksheet, high schoolers respond to short answer questions regarding the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, and the Chinese Civil War. There are 5 short answer questions regarding each of the conflicts.
Students listen as the teacher explains the origins of the Veterans' Day in America. They complete a project in which they investigate different aspects one of the wars in which US soldiers participated. In the project they include a summary, an explanation of what it tells about a particular soldier or the war, and a personal reaction to the project.
Students discuss the provoking question, "What does the term social change mean?" They discuss the social changes taking place during and following the Cold War. Students participate in a short discussion, they are presented with facts of interest such as: use of media during the Vietnam War, "My Carthyism" and the American entertainment industry Guided Practice.
High schoolers identify how American society responded to the 1960's counterculture. In this 1960's America lesson, students investigate multimedia sources in order to examine the movement and its impact on the country.
Learners read an account of a students reaction to the Vietnam War. They complete comprehension questions from the reading passage. They read arguments from the Supreme Court Justices and decide which arguments they agree with.
In this math activity, students answer strange math questions about the statistics of measurement, murder, hamburgers, and more. Students complete 20 questions.
This unit introduces students to the modern history of Cambodia in the context of the Cold War. It examines the relationship between Cambodia and Vietnam and the US and other Western capatilistic countries.
Eleventh graders examine the reasons why Southeast Asian refugees left their home for the United States. They conduct interviews and research their suffering and history. They examine primary source documents to better understand their culture.
Tenth graders explore characteristics of heroic Vietnam Veterans. They investigate the heroics of William Pitsenbarger. A memorial to Veitnam Veterans is designed which includes the veteran's military history. A brochure explaining the memorial to potential visitors is created.