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Financial literacy is the way to teach! The class works in small groups to discover the relationship between education and income level. They use their math and problem-solving skills to complete two different activities. They work out a team budget, then work through a scenario based budgeting game. Practical math, the importance of career and education, and economics rolled into one, and everything is included!
In this job skills worksheet, students read the sentences and choose the best word to complete the sentences about job skills. Students click on the answer button to find the answers to the 8 sentences.
Students explore qualities necessary in keeping a job. In teams, using each letter of the alphabet, students brainstorm important job skills and attitudes. They associate skills in getting a job with skills in keeping a job. Team information is shared and discussed with the entire class.
Learners examine interior design as a profession. They integrate their research with math, writing, vocational education, and computer skills to create, and design their own dream bedroom.
To prepare for an informed discussion of whether or not public schools should include a vocational track, class members read an annotated academic text, examine a fact sheet, and develop a script for an interview. Pairs craft the script in such a way that each response challenges or builds on something in the previous statement. A sample script is included as a model for the skill-building activity. The activity builds on the previous instructional activity on how to craft and respond to challenges.
There are so many do's and don'ts in the workplace. Give future employees a head start in understanding good workplace behavior. They create a list of personal characteristics that are strengths or need improvement. They analyze workplace behavior in several scenarios, focusing on specific job skills.   
In this help-wanted ad worksheet, students examine 5 help-wanted ads and use the information from the ads to match people to appropriate jobs according to their character descriptions. Students also write 2 questions that an employer might ask in a job interview.
In this reading help-wanted ads worksheet, learners examine 4 sample want-ads and then fill in the provided chart by answering questions regarding the positions. Students also respond to 3 short answer questions.
First graders verbally list personal, ethical and work habit skills needed for classroom jobs during discussion. They discuss why it is important to be honest when doing a job in the classroom? Students give examples of three skills. They are given a Classroom Jobs Activity Sheet with the instructions.
Provide future managers with the skills they need to conduct a succesful interview with a potential employee. Establishing an interview schedule, preparing interview questions, tips for conducting an interview, and do's and don'ts are fully and clearly covered. Perfect for adult ed or vocational training.
Vocational training, tech schools, or high school career training programs! Teaching learners about mapping and land survey just got easier. Each of the 12 slides shows how to use the grid technique to conduct and analyze township and Range Notation. This is a technical presentation and intended for individuals already versed in PLS.
Train those upper graders in the world of agricultural mechanics related to electricity. There are 17 different electricity-related terms that include a definition, image, and examples. Great to use for vocational training or during electrician apprenticeships.
Teacher, project managers, or those in a vocational training program will understand how to communicate effectively. Work place communication, listening techniques, and communication models are discussed in a resource is specific to project management. The information here can be applied to any managerial position.
Help your English learners with their conversational and occupational skills in this presentation. A phone conversation between an employee (Sandy) and her boss (Mr. Williams) demonstrates English conversation procedures, as well as job-related terms and vocabulary. Use this presentation in a lesson about phone conversations or jobs, or use it in an adult vocational education class.
Second graders discuss why classrooms have helpers to complete everyday tasks. In groups, they participate in a role-play activity in which they complete the assigned tasks. To end the lesson plan, they complete a worksheet in which they apply for one of the jobs.
For this job skills worksheet, students respond to 4 multi-part questions that require them to consider how they would handle customer relation skills.
In this job education worksheet, students interview different people to gain information about their occupational folklife. Their goal is to determine where they learned job skills best.
In these job skills worksheets, students read and rank the job skill options into the top ten skills. Students discuss the skills and how they are ranked.
In this job skills worksheet, students prepare for a job interview by listing their skills and accomplishments according to various prompts.
Third graders identify the skills that are important in performing helper jobs in the school and the skills that are possessed personally by the student. They write a short paragraph to summarize the information taught about their top three job shadowing choices.

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