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"Eh?" That is the short vowel sound the letter e makes when it is used in the middle of a word. Little ones will draw a line between the letter e and objects that make the short e sound. Then they will fill in the missing e in six different words.
As scholars become more comfortable with initial sound correspondence, introduce them to medial sounds. As they focus on the vowel sound /i/, youngsters examine a set of images and draw a line from the letter i to any with that middle phoneme. Next, there are six single-syllable words missing the i in the middle. Printers get writing practice as they fill in the letter to match the image with each word. If they do this with partners, challenge pupils to read the words to each other.
This worksheet focuses on the medial vowel sound o. Pre-readers complete two tasks to practice the short o sound. They draw a line from the letter o to pictures that contain the medial /o/ sound. They then, fill in six cvc words with the letter o.
In these alphabet worksheet students will study charts of vowel sounds and their variations. Each vowel gives a list of examples and common words associated with its sound.
Students recognize and spell sets of words with r-controlled vowels. They become familiar with r-controlled spelling patterns.
A instructional activity on decoding skills is here for you. In it, young readers work hard to learn all of their consonant and vowel sounds and how to manipulate those sounds to read different words. The instructional activity may have been written by a speech teacher, because the techniques presented are very specific to that type of training. Shaving cream, colored markers, and attention to the shape of the mouth and vibrations in the throat are all utilized. A valuable instructional activity for any teacher who needs to help their struggling readers.
In this Short Vowel E worksheet, students fill in a puzzle by writing the words for six different pictures. All words include the short vowel e sound.
Have your class practice reading and spelling words with the short vowel sound i. Learners fill in the blanks on this worksheet to complete words, such as log, pig, and wig. They can color the pictures when they are done.
In this reading worksheet, students write the missing letter on each line under the picture. Students also find the words in a word search. All of the words contain the long vowel O sound.
In this vowel recognition memory instructional activity, students look at 20 pictures and circle the letter or letters from each column that spells out the word seen in the picture correctly. Students write the word in the space below the letters.
In this identifying words with the long "a" vowel sound activity, students read three lists of words and identify the ones that contain long "a" sounds. Students circle 11 words.
For this recognizing words with the long "E" sound worksheet, students pronounce a group of words and identify the ones that contain a long vowel E. Students circle 12 words.
In this worksheet students explore r-controlled vowels. Students use words from a word bank to complete sentences. There are ten words in the word box. There are ten sentences in which the words are to be used in. Students learn word recognition and r-vowel sounds.
In this Spring words worksheet, students fill in the missing vowels for the following Spring-related words:tulips, ladybug, rainbow, flowers, chick, rabbit, butterfly, robin.
In this vowels worksheet, students study pictures depicting short o words. Students complete short o words by filling in the vowel, then drawing a line from the word to the picture.
Now that your scholars know the alphabet, make sure they understand that not all letters are the same! Explore the difference between vowels and consonants...not to mention that pesky y. Learners say the alphabet out loud and observe vowel and consonant caterpillars (consider making these for the classroom). They practice recognizing each by marking 15 words with either a v or c based on the first letter, middle letter, and last letter.
Learners can practice reading and printing short vowel words using this worksheet. They identify the correct word with the short /a/ sound to go with the accompanying picture, and then they write the word in the space provided. 
Students explore the alphabet by creating a printable study booklet. In this vowels lesson plan, students utilize a printed free study template titled My Soccer Book, which is cut and pasted into a book. Students illustrate inside the booklet on blank pages and share their work with parents.
Early readers put their short vowel know how to the test. They read a series of simple cvc words, circle all the words that contain the medial short vowel sound indicated, then write those words in the space provided. Phonics, reading, and writing skills are all rolled into one worksheet.
In this handwriting of lower case and long vowel i worksheet, students practice unscrambling nine words that contain the long vowel i sound.