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A vowel sound with its letter jumps onto the screen, followed by other letters that then make up a word. Each vowel sound is gone through once and then the entire process repeats. Finally, on the third round, readers are encouraged to say the sounds along with the voice in the video.
A jolly little song begins this video with the sounds of each vowel and the names of the letters. Words are written somewhat small, but still legibly. Children are singing the song with a slight British accent, but not too strongly. Each vowel is then treated with its own song mentioning the sound and a word starting with that letter. The tune of each song is a familiar childhood song.
In this long vowel E worksheet, 1st graders look at six pictures, say the word written under the picture and circle all the ones that have a long E sound.
In this long vowel o practice worksheet, students examine 6 picture and word pairs. Students identify the words that have the long o sound.
In this vowels worksheet, learners recognize the long vowel O. Students are given a list of twenty-four words where they are to say the words out loud and circle all of the words that contain the long vowel O.
In this long vowels practice activity, students examine 6 words and their matching picture. Students identify the words that feature the long I sound.
For this long vowel u words worksheet, learners read words and circle the ones that have the long u sound in them. Students read 24 words total.
In this long vowel worksheet, students fill in blanks in words with the correct long vowel, then draw a line to match the word to its picture.
In this vowel sound activity, students examine 4 pictures and the words that represent them. Each of the words is missing the letter e needed to make the long e sound.
In this International Phonetic Alphabet worksheet, students brainstorm and write as many words as they can utilizing the vowel sounds in 'fish,' 'empty,' and 'feet'.
In this coloring consonants and vowels worksheet, students color the shapes that have consonants in them red. Students color the shapes that have vowels in them blue.
In this long vowels worksheet, students read the long vowel words in a picture. Students color the picture of the bird according to the directions in the key.
In this long vowel letter o instructional activity, learners say the name of the picture and fill in the missing o in the word. Students fill in 3 missing letters.
In this Halloween words worksheet, students examine 8 Halloween words that are missing vowels. Students fill in the blanks with the appropriate vowels.
In this word completion worksheet, students view eight illustrations of summer objects and fill in the missing vowels for each of the given words.
In this consonant and vowel coloring worksheet, students look at the letters in each square. Students color all the squares that contain consonants yellow and all the squares that contain vowels blue. When colored correctly, a specific letter can be seen from the coloring pattern and students write it in the blank.
In this short vowel instructional activity, students use short vowel words from a word box to complete a set of 10 sentences, filling in the blanks.
In this long and short vowel E worksheet, students read the labels under 8 pictures of words with vowel E. Students write the name of each picture under the Long or Short vowel heading.
Use this creative way to review words that have short vowel sounds. Learners read a word and then identify the words in the group that have the same vowel sound. It is a motivating way to have learners explore this topic.
In this short vowels coloring worksheet, students read 15 short vowel words printed in a drawing of a chicken. Students use the key to color the sections correctly in the picture.