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In this long vowel sounds worksheet, 2nd graders recognize vowel sounds. Students say words and then color the section according to sound. There are eight words in the picture and four different vowel sounds.
In this long and short vowels worksheet, students analyze the 8 labeled pictures of common objects. Students write the words under the correct heading: short vowel words, long vowel words. All words have long or short U.
Younger learners can practice reading and spelling words with short vowel sounds using this resource. They fill in the blanks to form simple words like bag, bed, and fox. With only twelve questions, this resource could be used as a quick review.
In this short vowel a instructional activity, students say the names of 4 pictures with the short vowel a sound, then color the pictures. A reference web site is given for additional activities.
In this long vowel worksheet, students choose long vowel words from a word box to correctly complete a set of 10 sentences. A reference web site is given for additional activities.
In this long vowel e activity, 1st graders read words and color the pictures of items that have the long vowel e in their name. Students do this for 4 pictures.
In this long vowel u worksheet, students color the pictures that contain the long vowel u sound in their name and read the name underneath the picture. Students color 4 pictures.
In this vowels and consonants worksheet, students find a path of vowels that are contained in squares that show either a vowel or a consonant. They start at a kangaroo comic character and follow the letters to end at another kangaroo.
In this short vowel u worksheet, students practice filling in the blanks of six pictures containing a short vowel u in it. Students review each picture shown as well.
In this handwriting of lower case letter and short vowel worksheet, students choose between two words six times, circle the correct word and then write the word on the line provided.
Practice reading and spelling skills using the /o/ sound. Learners write the missing vowel sound in each of six words provided. They also draw a line from each word to the correct picture. All of the words contain the target sound. Consider having them use a highlighter to trace over each letter in the target words. That way they're developing their spelling, too! 
Use this resource to have your class practice reading and writing words with the short /u/ sound. Learners fill in the correct letters of the word below each picture. All of the words contain the short vowel sound. Consider having them trace the target words with a highlighter to develop spelling skills! 
In this vowel combinations instructional activity, students read about adjacent vowels and respond to 33 questions that require them to identify long E vowel combinations.
In this missing vowels worksheet, students fill in the blank of missing vowels to words related to computers. Students fill in the vowels to 20 words.
Some vowels make the same sound, like the vowels in grow and both. Read the words on the left hand side of the page (there are six) and match them to a similarly sounding word on the right hand side. 
In this short vowels worksheet, students analyze a picture of a dog who is fishing. Students read the words that are typed in different parts of the picture. Using the key, students color the short vowel word areas the correct colors.
In this short vowel a worksheet, students first read a set of short vowel a words that do not rhyme, then read and circle short vowel a words that appear in a word box, printing them on lines beside the word box.
In this short vowel a instructional activity, students read the short vowel a words and print the words on the lines. Students print 10 short vowel a words.
Study the letter a and the sounds it makes. With this worksheet, youngsters focus on the short vowel a sound like in bad, fat, and ran. Then, they read the words in the blue box, identifying which ones use the short vowel a sound. 
In this long vowels worksheet, students respond to 4 questions that require them to fill in the blanks in each of the 4 words listed with the appropriate vowels. Picture clues are provided.