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Students listen to information about Civil War flags and make an original flag.  In this Civil War flag lesson, students understand the important symbols on flags and explain the symbols on their flag. Students discuss the role of the flag bearer.
Students describe the symbolism, tradition, honor and power that flags bear and explore the stories of Civil War battle flags.
Students use symbolism and creativity to create a flag that represents their life, dreams, and ambitions.
Third graders complete various activities pertaining to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, and Veteran's Day. They conduct research and complete writing and art activities on the background of each federal holiday.
Students use the Internet to discover the basic information about the American Flag. They explore how to fold a flag and which holidays to use the flag. They compare Betsy Ross's flag to the ones of today. They discover the story of the flag and the song
Students explore the flags of the Union and Confederacy, explore the symbolism of those flags, and create flags of their own.
Track the turmoil and shifts in power between Central European Monarchs. Define the causes and effects of the Thirty Years' War between Germanic Prussia and Austria. This PowerPoint is perfect for fostering good note-taking skills.
Tenth graders analyze how government policies led to complete concentration in war effort, evaluate how patriotism was encouraged by many local and state groups, and discuss fate of Japanese Americans.

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