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Tell a story visually using this resource. Learners design a storybook theater by creating a book and painting watercolor pictures describing scenes from the story. This is a creative means to have your class practice summarizing skills.
Ideal for your electricity unit, especially with middle schoolers, this lesson gets engineers using multimeters in electrical circuits to explore the relationships among voltage, current, and resistance. Older learners may even plot data on graphs to see the E-I curves. It's a full-fledged resource for your physical science learners!
Students investigate biology by examining body sizes of different animals. In this antelope measurement lesson, students research the physicality of Antelopes and other large animals that inhabit Earth. Students create a model Antelope from Popsicle sticks and art materials.
Students work cooperatively to create transformational works of art using furniture and recycled products in this excellent unit for an art class. The introductory activity includes a video and organization of group ideas.
Learners explore the concept of philanthropy. In this service learning lesson, students establish procedures to share common areas and personal space at school. Learners recognize that rules and procedures benefit the common good.
Students begin creating Victorian decoration journals while investigating Victorian Architectural designs in this introductory lesson provided by Oregon Public Broadcasting. A video is included.
Fourth graders explore the concept of waste management. In this recycling lesson, 4th graders identify materials that must be landfilled as well as items that may be recycled or reused.
Students measure a variety of objects using the appropriate measuring tool. In this measurement lesson, students explain the importance of accuracy and precision in collecting data. They discuss the difference between the two.

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