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In this problem solving instructional activity, students solve 1 short answer word problem. Students make a work schedule for four security guards that meets given requirements.
Eighth graders read the book The Outsiders for understanding. They develop arguments, with support, for six assigned debate points. They write a position paper based on six debate points. The dress up as a character in the book and debate their position.
Students open Microsoft PowerPoint. Alternately, watch the slide resentation on the Perdue Web site and their desktop version of Microsoft PowerPoint. Students read the Career Handout and complete the Worksheet included. Students use the Worksheet to fill in slides in your presentation. Add text, insert clip art, and use design templates. Save. Students view their PowerPoint presentation and add transitions,sounds, and animations.
Students examine the relationship between anger, aggression and teenagers. As a class, they share a difficult situation in their own lives and review the techniques to properly deal with it. In groups, they discuss how they feel about negative and positive coping skills and role-play different characters in various scenerios. To end the lesson plan, they watch a film and identify how the characters coped when involved in a difficult situation.
Students explore philanthropy in literature. In this cross curriculum literacy and character development lesson, students read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and note charitable acts described in the story. Students relate story elements such as theme, mood, character, vocabulary, and symbolism to philanthropy.
Students perform various activities designed to increase their awareness of how automobiles pollute the air and how they can help keep the air clean.
Young scholars assemble a safety light system, select a variable for testing and investigate the variable. A new light system is built using class data on design qualities. A report and oral presentation are prepared for the selected design.
Students read various arguments posed by John Dewey when it comes to population growth. In groups, they use magazine articles and the internet to find issues related to populations and complete experiments to identify the challenges associated with overpopulations. To end the lesson, they participate in a debate which they discuss the importance or non-importance of controlling the population.
Fourth graders examine the life of Mother Teresa and her contributions to humanitarian services. They listen to a guest speaker, listen to a teacher-led lecture, write an essay, complete journal entries, and participate in a service project for a humanitarian service organization in their community.
Students explore how arterial pressure or blood pressure is the force of the blood against the wall of your arteries. They comprehend that a normal BP for adults is 120/80 mm Hg. Students comprehend that a normal BO for a teenager is around 110/70. They comprehend that high blood pressure, is also called hypertension, is defined as a BP over (140/90) for adults, (143/91) for adolescents 13-15, and (149/97) for adolescents 16-18.
Given four suggested concepts, emerging electrical engineers research, design, and constuct a working device that willrespond to changes in the intesnisty or the direction of sunlight. This is a challenge for learners to rise to, as the device must represent a concept that could actually be used in a real-life application. Marvelous material is provided throughout the lesson plan: background information, teachers' notes, and lab sheets for the learners.
Students design a solution to a problem based on the Industrial Revolution. For this design lesson plan, students come up with architectural designs and present them to teachers in a simulated factory.
Third graders examine the issue of food quality to assess the dangers of pesticides, additives, and improper food preparation. After keeping food diaries and categorizing foods, they fill in food pyramids based on their journal entries. In addition, 3rd graders bake cakes to determine how additives change the taste of food and take a cola taste test.
In this idiom online/interactive worksheet, students choose an idiom to replace the expressions in parenthesis. Students choose 14 answers.
Sixth graders practice songs with their musical instruments. In this name that tune instructional activity, 6th graders play the songs for their family members while they try to guess the tune. Parents provide feedback on students progress.
Students examine data over employment and unemployment rates from February 2010. In this economic data instructional activity, students review information, charts, and graphs provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and use the given data to answer provided multiple choice and essay questions.
Twelfth graders study the U.S. employment and unemployment data.  In this Economics lesson, 12th graders analyze the changes in employment in the United States.  Students create charts and graphs to show their findings. 
Students explore the concept of social security. In this social security activity, students read an article about social security and whether or not it will last. Students discuss ideas on what to do when social security runs out. Students discuss the reliability of social security.
Students examine the employment and unemployment rates from January 2010. In this economic data lesson plan, students review employment and unemployment rates and reports, determine changes from past reports and reviews, come up with factors that can help and hurt the rates by completing provided questions and interactive quizzes.
Students examine the employment and unemployment rates for March 2010 as given by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). In this economic data lesson, students review reports, determine changes from past reports, determine factors influencing change in rates and explain how the employment and unemployment rates have implications on everyone by completing an essay question provided.

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