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If you are planning on working on a research paper in your class, take a look at this resource first. Starting off with information about plagiarism, the series of activities briefly described here should give your pupils a general idea of how to write a research paper. While the bulk of the resource is an overview of activities and does not include much detail, there are quite a few useful links to help enrich the lesson.
Research paper writing challenges learners' ability to research,  plan, organize, write, and revise. Detailed, step-by-step directions, color-coded models, and a series of templates guide class members through the entire process.
Bring research papers into the 21st century using this guide to Inspiration Software. If you don't have the program, take a look at the visuals and step-by-step process, which are helpful for any classroom. Using a pre-made template, learners simply research and fill in various sections to organize their findings for the perfectly structured paper. They keep track of multiple sources, write a thesis statement, take notes, include visuals and hyperlinks, and integrate ideas to form a cohesive final product. 
Students work through the steps of writing a research paper in this lesson. They define their problem and decide what sources of information to use. They read, take notes, and organize the collected data. Finally, they write the information in a research paper form.
Fifth and sixth graders identify the structure of a research paper. They practice forming guided questions and use sources to find answers. In addition, they cite their sources on a graphic organizer. Practicing these skills and this organization will surely transfer to middle school!
Synthesizing and analyzing information is an important skill for future adults to practice. With field trip Earth, they should choose a topic that interests them (or you could provide sample topics), obtain background information, and write a research paper. There's a list of components needed in the paper, but create a comprehensive rubric so learners can easily access the information. 
Fifth graders complete a research paper with the conventions of either the MLA or APA formats. They survey a subject, select a topic, conduct research, develop a plan and write a research paper. In addition, a variety of resources are used to obtain the needed information to write the research paper.
Students write a thesis paper about the Holocaust. In this Holocaust lesson plan, students use books and the internet to take notes and research a Holocaust topic and write a research paper about it.
Students write a research paper about their dream job. They organize their paper using research notes, and support their main idea with supporting details.
Fifth graders research and present a paper about vertebrates. In this research and writing instructional activity, 5th graders research information about vertebrates which they include in a paper and presentation. They determine how to present relevant information in an entertaining way. They include a picture or other visual clue in their presentation.
Here is a fantastic World War I research project that includes clear guidelines for topic choice, guiding questions, and suggested presentation products. Research subjects range from battles of the war, trench warfare, and weaponry, to music of the period and the role of women in the war. 
Here is a set of fantastic project guidelines for a World History research paper, including over 60 possible research topics and guiding questions. Templates for source citations and summaries are included, as well as a very detailed essay rubric. 
Students listen as the teacher explains the steps to writing a research paper. They list subjects they are interested in. Students practice narrowing a topic. They write a general idea and create a word web to assist the narrowing of the general topics. Students select a topic to build into a research paper.
Help young researchers find credible sources online. Modeling with a Google search for information about Shakespeare’s Macbeth, use a computer projector or Smart Board to show class members how weak the top three search results are. Direct instruction then covers better resources that can be used to begin a research paper. Very technology-driven, the instructional activity requires computers for every student, as well as subscription databases most likely found in a library.
How do you write a career research paper? First, middle schoolers choose a career they want to research. They then gather information, develop a thesis statement, and cite sources MLA style. They are asked to explain their career paper to their parent and friends before submitting it for a final grade. What can they learn about their career choice? 
For many emerging writers, essays are completed step-by-step. With the help of this lesson, learners will narrow down a topic, develop a thesis statement, develop a preliminary outline, conduct Internet research, and understand the process one goes through before writing an essay. Breaking the assignment into manageable chunks will really help your writers stay organized and focused!
Middle schoolers research Ancient Egypt. In this Ancient Egypt lesson plan, students work in groups to research topics in Egyptian life. They write a research paper and create a living history museum with costumes, props, and backdrops. 
Pupils complete various activities to investigate growing apples. They examine words related to apple growth and write the words on apple shapes. They also take a vocabulary quiz and complete an apple concentration game. Next, they watch a PowerPoint presentation and research the science of growing apples using the given links. Finish this project by having learners write a research paper about the topic.
Writing a research paper has never been so easy! From choosing a topic to publishing the final draft, this presentation covers all the steps in between. Show this to your class in a single lesson, or cover it a few slides at a time as you walk the them through the research process. When discussing Internet resources, consider providing examples that demonstrate reliable and unreliable websites, as this can be a challenging concept for young researchers to understand.
Show your students how to set up a research paper using Microsoft Word. What a great step-by-step video!

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