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Use this resource as an evaluation tool, or have your class assess their own letter writing skills. They will use a checklist that they create during some interactive writing sessions as criteria for their self-evaluation. Teachers can use this assignment for evaluation purposes too. 
Students learn to check and evaluate their letter writing skills using a checklist created during interactive writing sessions. The lesson provides students with criteria for good letter writing and serves as an evaluation tool for teachers and students.
Students examine different poems from Emily Dickinson. They practice listening for meter in the poems and make connections between the texts. They also practice their own creative writing skills.
Learners explore and research general information about Eric Carle using the Internet and his books. They use the Writing Process to create a letter and/or reinforce writing skills to discover characteristics of mammals and birds.
In this language arts book 3 grade 4 writing skills worksheet, 4th graders read 2 passages, write short answers to 3 questions then write a short essay about one of the passages.
Fourth graders use effective writing skills, their imagination, and their knowledge of the nine planets as they create travel pamphlets of the solar system.
In this tracing dotted lines worksheet, students use their fingers or a writing tool to trace vertical and horizontal lines, peaks and valleys, circles, humps and upside down humps, and straight up, down, and across figures to practice pre-writing skills. Students trace eight figures.
Sixth graders improve their writing skills by finding, defining, and correctly using new and interesting vocabulary words. Groups of students work together to find, define, and use in sentences ten words with which they are all unfamiliar.
In this essay writing worksheet, seven writing prompts are provided. Students can choose any of the topics to write an essay about.
Students practice research and writing skills. They pick an animal to resarch from the template chioces and write a paragraph about the animal. In addition, a digital camera is used to insert student pictures onto the slides.
Students write a friendly letter. In this communication lesson, students write letters to mushers. Students complete a K-W-L chart, research the Iditarod and mushers, then write a friendly letter using the steps of the writing process. Resources are provided for actual addresses of mushers. 
Research and write a 500-word essay. Pupils research a topic and write an essay based on their research. They use the given directions and examples to help them research, organize, format, and write their essay. There's a short chart included that highlights signs of a good website and signs of a bad website. Review these with your researchers before they get started. The information highway is getting a bit congested these days!
Are your learners working towards their GED? First they study the GED essay rubric, and then they read a sample essay as a group. After studying the basic elements, they write an essay of their own. After peer editing, they revise their writing. 
Middle schoolers practice drafting an essay and learn the steps in order to process write. They compose an essay from beginning to end. Also they work on social skills throughout the lesson plan with the use of peer editing.
Students outline their ideas for an essay. In this essay writing lesson plan, students write a list of ideas, then pick one to outline, and eventually write their essay.
Students complete a reflective essay as a concluding assignment after reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. In this reflective essay lesson, students read the novel and use the prompt to write a reflective essay for the text.
Tenth graders reinforce their knowledge of the format and elements of business letters by writing a request letter. A review of effective letter writing is provided prior to an independent assignment. This helps with scaffolding the assignment for lower level students.
For this letter writing skills worksheet, middle schoolers examine 15 phrases from letters and determine whether each phrase is from a formal or informal letter. Good, solid writing practice!
In this writing prompt worksheet, students use their creative writing skills to write a story based on the picture shown that includes the 4 specific events and people listed.
First graders listen as the teacher introduces the history of the use of greeting cards to communicate. Students watch as the teacher shows them a vairty of greeting cards They use the linked web site www.dltk-cards.com to create a custom greeting card. Students print their creations and make an envelope to mail it in. Students evaluate the instructional activity by discussing what they liked and disliked about the instructional activity. They take a field trip to the Post office to mail their cards and tour the facility.