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Talk about technology in the classroom. This plan has all the resources needed to create a non-linear or branching story. Included is a step-by-step tutorial that walks middle schoolers through the project description, a model of a completed project, a project activity guide, and a rubric. Extensions, adaptations, and suggestions for use in other subject areas are included. A fine resource.
Improve writing skills using methods from Robert Gay's Writing Through Reading; Gay espouses reproducing the work of successful writers to build the ability to convey original ideas effectively. Young writers transcribe, paraphrase, and imitate various readings over extended periods. Bilingual scholars lead collaborative translation. Presented in the form of a research paper on Gay's pedagogy; provides clear underpinnings and extensive examples for use in class. 
A wonderful lesson on the immigrant contributions and America. Learners use an interactive whiteboard or computer to explore a web link entitled "Immigration: Stories of Yesterday and Today." They read first person narratives describing an immigration experience, compare each story, and engage in a class discussion. Then, they create their own oral history scrapbooks based on solid background information and class discussions.
Improve writing skills by combining sentences. In teams, learners sit in front of the board. A student from each team comes up and combines two simple sentences given by the teacher, who awards a point to the team with the best sentence.
Students explore the species found in the Galapagos Islands and practice descriptive writing skills by creating a sample journal. They create a fictional journal that documents the places they visit and the species they encounter.
Third graders examine the life of the pioneers moving westward through literature, primary sources and other activities. In this pioneer lesson, 3rd graders become familiar with the Paiute Indians and their basket making and writing.
Writer's Workshop can be a wonderful way to develop a classroom of authors.
Clear and concise writing should be an integral part of learning mathematics.
The baseball themed poem, "Casey at the Bat" is a great summertime focus for reading and writing.
How teaching writing skills in the science classroom will benefit your students as they transition to Common Core.
Combining descriptive and expository writing skills, middle schoolers create a character sketch about someone they know well. They use a graphic organizer to help them discuss a model character sketch and organize/write one of their own. The lesson could be modified for any grade level, and it could be useful when writing about a character from literature.
Delve into CCSS by implementing a writer's workshop model complete with mini-lessons, shared writing experiences, and author celebrations.
Students create a one-minute advertisement for a piece of sports safety equipment. They define the terms ad, advertisement, and commercial and demonstrate creative-thinking and creative-writing skills.
Twelfth graders are introduced to the proper way to write a paper. As a class, they examine and review the four stage process for writing about any topic. Using the topic they choose, they begin to identify the relationship between their ideas and how to organize their paper. To end the lesson plan, they write an essay for a college application or their personal goals.
Have your class examine the characteristics of various writing genres using the Writing with Writers online project. Detailed instructions for how to introduce, discuss, and develop a piece of writing for each genre are included. Class members complete the online activities independently but work in groups to edit their written work before handing it in. Finally, they publish a final piece of writing online.
Seventh graders discover an organization technique for the five-paragraph essay known as The Bing, the Bang, and the Bongo. They complete an essay template and will conclude by composing an original essay on a chosen topic.
Fifth graders use primary sources to write a Document Based Question essay understanding a writing rubric -basic essay writing/paragraphing-introduction and conclusion -Knowing the North American geographical regions and its physical features and familiarity with co
In this set of book review/comprehension activity on The House on Mango Street, students complete 8 worksheets about various aspects of the novel. Each activity consists of short answer questions and 1 essay writing assignment.
Students write a autobiographical expressive essay. In this essay writing lesson, student brainstorm autobiographical experiences for an essay. They complete an attached worksheet about "Writing From Experience."
Students read a New York Times article in order to explore the use of handheld electronic devices in schools. They investigate, through surveys and essay-writing, the pros and cons of this technology.