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Students create and write a "Choose Your Own Adventure" story as they investigate the Revolutionary War. They choose a historical figure who played a key role in the war who meets other influential figures and has the opportunity to change history.
Learners investigate how the role of president is defined in the Articles of Confederation. They read and discuss primary source documents, answer discussion questions, and describe how the President was elected.
Students study the key figures in African-American military history. They discover how African-American military history reflect both discrimination and the often heroic struggle to overcome discrimination. They examine the key periods of progress in African-American military history.
Fifth graders gather information about ten important people from the American Revolution before engaging in a twenty questions activity with another class. They dress and role play as the figures. They engage in a Virtual Field Trip with a class from another class using the appropriate technology.
Fifth graders research famous battles of the American Revolution. They conduct Internet research, complete a fact finding sheet, and create a timeline that they present in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.
Fifth graders research an event from the American Revolutionary War after completing a unit of study on the topic. They word process their research and demonstrate how to insert a picture into the document.
Students examine common myths about the CIA. In this careers lesson, the class uses a worksheet with CIA myths as a springboard for discussion, then makes a list of CIA jobs and skills a CIA officer would need to be successful.
Eighth graders examine the battle waged in South Carolina over the American Revolution. In this American Revolution lesson, 8th graders analyze primary sources as they determine how the Loyalists and Patriots chose sides in the war.
Students write a persuasive essay that compares George Washington to someone overcoming an obstacle. In this American History instructional activity, students study Washington's Newburgh Address and the character traits of the president. They write an essay comparing the president to a person they have chosen.  
In this social studies worksheet, 4th graders complete multiple choice questions about the Constitution, natural resources, economics, and more. Students complete 25 multiple choice questions.
In this word search worksheet, students use the word bank to find the names of battles of the Revolutionary War. Students find 24 words.
Fifth graders discuss the terms of patriot and loyalist. In this social science lesson, 5th graders simulate the roles of the people at a meeting of the Second Continental Congress. Students brainstorm the problems Washington might have faced as being in charge of the army and discuss women's roles in the army.  Students then develop a diary or a sketch of something learned.
Sixth graders explore civil unrest by researching the Civil War. In this famous wars lesson, 6th graders research the terms of the Civil war and discuss the vast differences between it and World War II. Students view video footage discussing the war and complete worksheets demonstrating their research capabilities.
Students examine images from the Revolutionary War. In this Revolutionary War lesson, students view a slide-show and summarize the events depicted in the paintings. Students read about events and create their own cartoon showing the events.
Learners explore the American Revolution. In this Colonial history lesson, students research and then report "on the spot" from an American Revolution War battlefield from a patriot or loyalist's point of view. They will use Primary Access to report their stories. This lesson includes web resources, slide show, and primary source documents.  
In this online interactive Civil War worksheet, students respond to 15 multiple choice questions about the Battle of Shiloh. Students may check their answers immediately.
Students examine the leadership role of George Washington in the American Revolution. In this George Washington lesson, students read selections titled "Generalship," and "Candidate for Commander-in-Chief." After students read the pieces, they determine whether Washington was a good fit for Commander of the Continental Army.
In this online interactive reading comprehension worksheet, students respond to 25 multiple choice questions about part 1 of Shakespeare's Henry IVStudents may submit their answers to be scored.
In this online interactive history quiz worksheet, students respond to 49 multiple choice questions about the accomplishments of John Adams. Students may submit their answers to be scored.
For this online interactive history quiz worksheet, students respond to 50 multiple choice questions about the accomplishments of James Monroe. Students may submit their answers to be scored.

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