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Flipping Portions of Your Classroom
Come on in, the water's fine! Learn the pedagogy and the process of delivering instruction via video to open up more time to actually work with your students. It's easier than you think.
Using Google Classroom
Get down to business with Google Classroom. Going step by step, you'll set up your first class, learn to assign and assess student work, and more.
Put Your Classroom in the Cloud
Reducing desk clutter is nice, but switching to the cloud will do more than eliminate piles of paper and dust. It will open up rock star teaching opportunities and give you more free time, too!
Google Classroom Overview
Teachers, do you have too many papers, not enough time, and disengaged kids? Google Classroom offers less paper, more time, and kids who work better because they are online! Join district tech leader Kelly Clifford to learn how to use this powerful, free tool.
Developing Student Authors
Students writing and publishing their own novels? Yep! That's real life, collaborative, language arts project-based learning at it's best. Your class can do it, too.
Implementing 1:1 Chromebooks
Like the idea of a Chromebook in the hands of every student in your class? Who wouldn't?! Join middle school teacher Veronica Tadeo as she shares how she made it happen.
Google Drive
Organize your stuff to your orderly teacher-heart's content, and have access to it from anywhere, with Google's virtual filing cabinet.
iOS 8 Next Steps
When your iOS 8 iPad skills reach the next level with this course, not only will you better engage your students, you're going to WOW yourself!
iOS 8 Getting Started
New iPad? Wondering where to start? Jump in here to master this useful tool for teaching and learning.
Google Spreadsheets
Anxious about the time and energy it takes to record, organize, and analyze student data? Fear not with Google Spreadsheets at your disposal.
Google Mobile Apps
Break free from your desktop: With this simple, improved mobile version of Google's handy toolkit, you can create, organize, and collaborate, anywhere.
Google Docs
For word processing, and so much more! Build classroom community, foster college and career readiness, communicate easily with parents, and organize teams.
Twitter for Educators
What can you learn from 140 characters or less? Better yet, what can you teach?
SAMR Basics
Breathe new life into technology's role in your classroom with the SAMR Model.
Google's Presentation App
Forgetting a slideshow presentation on your home computer is a drag. With Google's anytime, anywhere access to create, edit, download, and publish presentations, you've got your work at your fingertips, no matter how rushed your mornings are.
Evernote for Educators
Piles upon piles of notes that weigh nothing and never get lost? Who's responsible for this wizardry?
Google's Form App
Gathering classroom feedback is now paperless. Keep up with what your students know in a flash with Google's easy-to-use survey tool.
Pinterest for Educators
Stumped for your next class project? Impossible with thousands of classic and revolutionary ideas waiting for you in this virtual gallery.
Chromebook Basics
With Google Drive and thousands of free apps at your side, let the Chromebook's classroom reign commence!
Digital Citizenship
Build a strong foundation of essential skills, knowledge, and appropriate conduct to help students and educators be responsible, safe citizens in the connected 21st century.
Google Sites
Get up-to-date resources and reminders to your class in a flash with your very own free website.