4th Grade Persuasive Writing

4th - 6th

It's an age-old question: when should the school day start? Fourth graders will write a one-page persuasive paper addressing the topic. They use a writing web to organize their thoughts in a logical sequence before writing a cohesive paper. 

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1 hr
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Early Advanced
Early Intermediate

Using a Computer to Write a Letter: Verbs (Sequencing)

Review sequencing by providing your English language learners with this mix of sentences. Cut the paper into 20 strips, and have each learner rearrange them into the correct order. Don't forget to keep one copy with the correct order! 

Writing Process

Use this presentation to aid young writers as they move through any writing assignment. The slides, which detail each step of the writing process, could easily be used over a series of class periods. Most slides ask leading questions and should be used while learners are writing or preparing to write.

Research Paper Structure

Fifth and sixth graders identify the structure of a research paper. They practice forming guided questions and use sources to find answers. In addition, they cite their sources on a graphic organizer. Practicing these skills and this organization will surely transfer to middle school!

Your English Mentor: How to Write a Career Research Paper

How do you write a career research paper? First, middle schoolers choose a career they want to research. They then gather information, develop a thesis statement, and cite sources MLA style. They are asked to explain their career paper to their parent and friends before submitting it for a final grade. What can they learn about their career choice? 

Writing Process for Informative Writing

Learners develop their writing skills. In this informative writing lesson, students research print materials to plan, draft, edit, and produce a final copy of a research paper.

Inspiration: Research Papers 1-2-3: Diagram>Outline>Publish

Bring research papers into the 21st century using this guide to Inspiration Software. If you don't have the program, take a look at the visuals and step-by-step process, which are helpful for any classroom. Using a pre-made template, learners simply research and fill in various sections to organize their findings for the perfectly structured paper. They keep track of multiple sources, write a thesis statement, take notes, include visuals and hyperlinks, and integrate ideas to form a cohesive final product. 

Writing To Determine, "What is a Pulgar?"

Students write a descriptive paper. They observe and describe a Mr. Potato Head, write their responses on a Think Sheet, and use their notes to write a descriptive paragraph describing one of the attributes of the Mr. Potato Head.

Leading into Good Writing

Discuss the importance of a lead in writing with your upper graders. They examine several examples of leads from literature and practice writing leads for pieces of artwork. They then select a topic from a list and write an introdutory paragraph using a lead.

Writing a Research Paper

Students work through the steps of writing a research paper in this lesson. They define their problem and decide what sources of information to use. They read, take notes, and organize the collected data. Finally, they write the information in a research paper form.

Lesson: Writings from a Room with No View

Learners examine art by considering how the subject matter and artists design choices affect the viewer's experience. They use the provided close-up images and notes to analyze the painting, Poppies. Afterward, they use the painting as a setting for a short story. They are encouraged to write descriptively from a first-person perspective. 

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