African-American Scientists and Inventors

6th - 8th

Students research the careers of African-American scientists and inventors. They uses both Internet and print resourses for their research. They design a slideshow presentation on five of these significant individuals.

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Project-Based Learning

Guided Reading: African-Americans in the Thirteen Colonies

Using the nonfiction book African Americans in the Thirteen Colonies, learners read segments about the origin and perpetuation of slavery in the colonies. Reading comprehension is assessed as the class discusses the text, and explores reasons why this institution began and how it ended. African American achievements are also highlighted. Note: To check fluency, have some pupils read aloud.

African-American Musicians

Students research three African-American musicians and compose a report based upon their research in this Music Appreciation lesson for the middle level classroom. The lesson could be adapted for various student levels and abilities.

African-American Innovators

Students investigate the contributions of African Americans throughout history. They research and identify accomplishments of various African American Scientists/Innovators in recognition of Black History Month.

African-American Iowans: History, contributions & Accomplishments.

Students explore lives of African-Americans in Iowa. Students will examine biographies and discuss perspectives of African-Americans. They will then create posters illustrating elements of those lives finally, putting on a five act play that demonstrates the instructional activity objectives.

African American Inventors

Learners use the Internet to research African American inventors. They work with a partner to complete a graphic organizer about the inventors and the inventions.

African American Population Shifts

Young scholars investigate population trends. In this African American history lesson, students access U.S. Census records from 1900 to the present online. Young scholars analyze the migration of African Americans from one area of the U.S. to another.

Famous African-American Fabric Paintings

Students examine famous African-Americans. In this African-Americans lesson, students research and give an oral report on a famous African-American.

African American Scientists

Students study several important African American scientists and explore their lives. They recreate scientists' experiences through journal entries.

Tick, Tock, the Banneker Clock: African American Inventors

Young scholars examine the variety of African American inventions and discoveries. They select an African American inventor, conduct Internet research, and write a report in the form of a biography, a series of letters from the inventor to his or her family, or a poster.

Let's Explore African American History

Learners use the internet to complete a scavenger hunt on African-American history. After locating all the information, they answer questions related to various topics related to African-Americans. They share their information with the class and ask any questions they have.

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