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Here is a well-developed series of lessons designed for second graders which will lead them to a greater understanding of what makes up a community. Here are some of the essential questions addressed in the lesson: Who helps you in your community? What's going on in your town? How does your community affect how you live? Some excellent language arts activities are embedded in the plan, as well as rubrics to use when grading student work.

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Instructional Design
3 days

Woodland Animals and Their Habitat

Students explore the natural environment through a video and nature sounds tape. They keep journal's of the unit's activities and vocabulary terms. They play a web of interdependence game and compose a list of forest animals and write reports.

Engineer a Cane

Students study engineering design and technology.  In this inventive activity students work in teams and learn to problem solve and create a new design for a cane. 

Dia de los Muertos

Second graders research the Day of the Dead, an important Mexican holiday. They view videos, investigate Mexican geography and history and compare the Day of the Dead to the celebration of Halloween.

I Wear My Genes Inside Out: The Genetic Characteristics of Animals

Students create mixed breed dogs using paper illustrations of various breeds. They label dogs created by students using the Genetics Center and discuss the aspects of genetics that affect the outcome of the various projects.

Daily Lesson Plan for a Struggling Reader

Strategy-based programs that are executed with consistency are the best for achieving growth in any learner with a learning disability. Here is a seven-step lesson plan that is highly structured and is intended to help learners with significant struggles in reading. It includes with brain integration exercises, decoding practice, dictation, sight words, prereading, and oral reading, and finishes off with comprehension training. Any pre-service teacher or new special educator would be pleased to use a plan as well-developed and thoughtfully designed as this one.

The Ocean 

Second graders write journal entries as well as a research report. In this science/language arts lesson, 2nd graders research ocean animals. Additionally, students create Venn -diagrams and a diagram.


Second graders write adaptations to literature by writing a new ending for The Tortoise and the Hare. Students use the CD ROM Living Book The Tortoise and the Hare to enhance studying. Students use an organizational format that reflects a beginning, middle, and end to produce an original text Students present an oral presentation of his or her fable to the class and the teacher.

See how They Grow: Butterfly

Students view butterflies and participate in a butterfly activity to learn needed vocabulary. In this butterfly life cycle lesson, students access prior knowledge of butterflies.  Students listen to a butterfly life cycle book. Students create a graphic organizer about the life cycle of a butterfly. Students record a journal entry.

Discover Your Hidden Treasure

Students develop their self-regulation, self-motivation, and self-awareness. In this special education lesson, students use a basket of sensory tools to improve their self-awareness and motivation. They choose items from the treasure chest at the end of the lesson.

A Card For Every Season

Second graders create greeting cards on the computer. For this greeting cards lesson plan, 2nd graders will create greeting cards that include simple sentences to express what they want to say.

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