Animal Characteristics: Learning Through Scientific Inquiry

Pre-K - 2nd

Students study animal characteristics. In this inquiry based lesson, students learn about animal characteristics through the use of nonfiction books and the guidance of their teacher.

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Instructional Design
Inquiry-Based Learning
21 days

All About Animals!

First graders compare animals. In this features and functions of animals lesson, 1st graders identify visual similarities and differences of animals. Students classify animals according to their visible characteristics.

Awesome Adaptations!

Second graders explore biology by researching animal characteristics. In this adaptation lesson, 2nd graders identify the history of several animals and research the changes that have occurred to their anatomy over thousands of years. Students complete K-W-L worksheets based on their research and complete several mini lessons over 10 days.

Animal Characteristics

Students investigate the characteristics of animals by creating a chart. In this animal life activity, students create a KWL chart listing all the different animals a class can name. Students take a field trip to a science facility to get up close and personal with animals.

Animal and Plant Habitats

Second graders write and illustrate a story. For this habitats lesson, 2nd graders learn about different types of plant and animal habitats. Students view video segments about habitats, answer comprehension questions, complete a crossword puzzle, read stories about different animal habitats and use the information learned to write and illustrate a story about habitats.

Animal Classification

Students are introduced to the concept of classification as it relates to objects, information, and characteristics.  In this classification lesson plan, students research a variety of animals. Students study the Linnaeus's system of classifying plants and animals on seven levels. Students use the scientific classification system to identify a plant or animal and make significant connections regarding the Latin root based language of each term.

Animal Characteristics

Students investigate biology by completing a group classification activity. In this animal characteristics, students discuss the different families in the animal kingdom and the small differences that separate the animals. Students define vocabulary terms, answer study questions and sing a song about animals in class.

Identifying Differences Between Fiction and Nonfiction Books

Students explore the differences between fiction and non-fiction book. In this genre study lesson, students read examples of fiction and non-fiction and identify the characteristics of each genre. Students list the characteristics on a T-chart labeled "Fiction Books" and "Non-Fiction Books."

Lesson Plans for Sweet Dreams: How Animals Sleep

Students explore the sleeping patterns and sleeping habitats of animals. In this where animals sleep lesson, students research different animal species. Students also write and illustrate an animal picture book, make connections about their own sleeping patterns and compare them to the different animals they have researched.

Animal Bingo

Students discuss facts about animal habitats. In this animal lesson plan, students recall animal facts about habitats in an animal Bingo game. Teacher pieces and cards are already created and ready to print out.

Animal Coverings

Students read a book. In this animal characteristics lesson, students read the book Animal Coverings, answer comprehension questions, and complete a chart where they match animals with their coverings.

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