Bear Hibernation


Students recall from a previous story that bears sleep during the winter. They repeat the phrases of a song about bear hibernation after hearing the teacher model the song phrases.

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Students explore the concept of hibernation. In this winter lesson, students read Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming and discuss the content of the story. Students participate in classroom activities that require them to develop their vocabulary, comprehension, and grammar skills.

Winter Through the Arts

Students read the book The Snowy Day and discover various winter themes. In this winter lesson plan, students develop movements to express the feeling of a snowstorm. Students also construct winter-themed art pieces.

How do animals survive winter?

Young scholars make a chart about hibernation. In this hibernation lesson plan, students discuss hibernation and read about it. Then they fill in a chart about how different animals know when and how to hibernate.

Get Ready, Get Set, Hibernate

Students match each body part or idea from a work bank about methods of animal adaptations for winter survival. They observe as the first one, food is covered with the whole class before completing the rest of the diagram. They discuss if there is one animal that has all the characteristics and what would happen if an animal lost its fur.

Animals In Winter

Students read story Animals in Winter, and explore similarities and differences in how humans and other animals prepare for survival in winter. Students create class book that compares and illustrates different ways humans and animals prepare for winter.

How Animals Prepare for the Winter

Students study animals. In this hibernation lesson, students are read Stranger in the Woods and they discuss what various animals do in their habitat during the winter. They work as a class to create their own hibernation environment using materials they would want to if they were going to sleep for the winter. This lesson includes resource links to extra activities.

Hibernating Hoopla

Students simulate hibernation with their stuffed animals. They predict the length of time of hibernation and type their math journal entries about sorting, graphing and draw pictures. They read bear hibernation stories.


Students study the hibernation process of bears through the making of a bear's cave.

Reading Research!

Students investigate the life of an animal and how it responds to winter. The lesson's focus is on reading and research skills using pictures to assist in the understanding of the information presented.

Get Ready to Hibernate! Migrate! or Get Fat!

Students explore the different ways which animals survive the winter months, and sort animals into correct categories using a Venn diagram.

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