Bear Hibernation


Students recall from a previous story that bears sleep during the winter. They repeat the phrases of a song about bear hibernation after hearing the teacher model the song phrases.

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Rebekah Calhoun


Students explore the concept of hibernation. In this winter lesson, students read Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming and discuss the content of the story. Students participate in classroom activities that require them to develop their vocabulary, comprehension, and grammar skills.

Migrate, Adapt, or Hibernate

In this migration and hibernation worksheet, students read a 2 page informational excerpt about animals who adapt to changing seasons by migrating or hibernating. They then use the information they learned to answer the 15 questions on the page. The answers are located on the last page in the packet.

A Bed for Bears

Here is an excellent worksheet on context clues that is accompanied by a short story on bears who are preparing for the hibernation season. In it, learners read the story, then answer four questions from the story. Very good!

Lone Dog's Winter Count: Keeping History Alive

What is oral tradition, and what unique tool did the Native Americans of the Northern Great Plains use to help them remember their complex histories? Through pictograph analysis, discussion, research, and an engaging hands-on activity, young historians discover the process the Nakota people used to design their winter counts to chronicle their history. Learners then document a year of their own personal histories by designing a monthly pictograph calendar.

Hibernating Hoopla

Students simulate hibernation with their stuffed animals. They predict the length of time of hibernation and type their math journal entries about sorting, graphing and draw pictures. They read bear hibernation stories.

Why Do Bears Go To Sleep in the Winter?

Students develop their own hypothesis on why they believe bears go to sleep in the winter. As a class, they discuss where and when bears hibernate and make their own models of a bear cave. They predict when the bears might wake up and why.


Students study the hibernation process of bears through the making of a bear's cave.

Preschool and Homeschool Bear Lesson Plan

Students explore the theme of bears and participate in a variety of activities that relate to this topic. In this bear lesson, students bring their teddy bears to class. Students create a bear book out of 4 pieces of paper. Student recite bear songs and rhymes. Students discover the word hibernation and examine the diet of bears.

How Animals Prepare for the Winter

Students study animals. For this hibernation lesson, students are read Stranger in the Woods and they discuss what various animals do in their habitat during the winter. They work as a class to create their own hibernation environment using materials they would want to if they were going to sleep for the winter. This lesson includes resource links to extra activities.

Brown Bear Quiz

In this online quiz instructional activity, students answer a set of multiple choice questions about brown bears. Page includes links to answers, ads and resources.

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