Cardiovascular Fitness


Sixth graders explore cardiovascular fitness. In this fitness lesson, 6th graders discuss the parts of the cardiovascular lesson and are shown videos of cardiovascular exercises. Additionally, students brainstorm various exercises and list them on butcher paper.

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1 hr

Los Artistas Hispanos (Hispanic Artists)

Learners research Hispanic artists. They complete a handout about their artist. Students brainstorm a list of vocabulary relating to the theme of art. Learners choose one work of art by each artist studied, and copy these for the paper notebook. Students choose one work of art and write a description.

Exercise Egg Surprise

Students explore cardiovascular fitness. In this physical education lesson, students perform a variety of fitness exercises after reading activity explanations found in plastic eggs. Students record on a worksheet whether they personally could maintain each activity for one minute or not.


Students complete movements and discuss how fitness is beneficial to their health. In this fitness lesson plan, students also discuss being safe while moving and take a quiz.

Brainstorming Visually

Introduce your young writers to visual brainstorming. No matter the type of project, the provided templates will help class members generate and record ideas, organize information, and develop questions for further inquiry. The scripted plan includes templates, directions for the use of the software, models, and adaptations.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Middle schoolers design a cardiovascular fitness program that encourages them to implement it in their daily lives.

"UNO" Fitness

Students increase cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength. "UNO" cards are used. Each card is matched up with an exercise.

What's Up, Doc?

Learners explore cardiovascular fitness and create and follow a fitness program. They document the benefits of participating in a fitness program.

Does Your Fitness Compute?

Fourth graders chart and analyze baseline data pertaining to improving and maintaining fitness levels. Personal trainers calculate their clients' charts and write a one-page report on the findings for the evaluation portfolio of each client.

Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditioning

Learners view the A.D.A.M. computer simulation of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. They break into groups and members brainstorm and list as many aerobic and anaerobic exercises as possible in five minutes.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Sixth graders design a cardiovascular fitness program and encourages them to implement it in their daily lives.

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