Character Comparison " Miss Nelson is Missing"

1st - 2nd

Students read Miss nelson is Missing and complete a Venn diagram.  In this Miss Nelson is Missing lesson, students find the similarities and differences between Viola Swamp and Miss Nelson.  Students chart their answers in a Venn Diagram.

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Miss Nelson has a Field Day

Students explore reading comprehension by analyzing a book in class. In this character study lesson, students read the book Miss Nelson has a Field Day and identify the main characters, plot and setting. Students define a list of vocabulary terms and answer study questions.

Miss Nelson is Missing!

Students study the book Miss Nelson is Missing! They read and discuss the book. They create a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting Miss Nelson with Miss Swamp. They select one of the characters and write a paragraph using Power Point. They complete a test for Accelerated Reader on Miss Nelson is Missing!

Character Connections

Making connections with characters in literature is a great way to engage young children in reading. This task is made much easier with this Venn diagram template that asks young learners to compare and contrast themselves with a character they have read about.

Character Diagram

In this character diagram worksheet, students fill in the names of 2 characters, then fill in circles, answering given questions about each character.

The Prince and the Pauper Character Development Lesson Plan

Second graders draw pictures and create Venn Diagrams to compare the life of two book characters.  In this literature lesson, 2nd graders learn about character development by studying Mark Twain's The Prince and the Pauper. A guest speaker shares with students about life in England. Lesson includes suggestions for vocabulary development and extension activities.

Miss Nelson Is Missing

Students practice identifying story elements and using vocabulary words from newly read books.  In this reading comprehension lesson, students read the book Miss Nelson is Missing, and complete several worksheets and a story map about the book.  Students take a quiz on their understanding of the story.

Compare and Contrast: Miss Nelson is Missing

Compare and contrast two characters from the book Miss Nelson is Missing. Using a Venn Diagram, have pupils compare and contrast personal characteristics between Miss Nelson and Miss Swamp. Individuals can then share their responses with the class in order to create a whole group diagram.

Miss Nelson Is Missing/Miss Nelson Is Back- Lesson 4

Students compare two stories.  In this compare and contrast lesson, students read Miss Nelson is Missing and Miss Nelson is Back.  Students brainstorm similarities and differences in the two stories, use a Venn Diagram to compare, complete a vocabulary activity and a worksheet on cause and effect.

Classroom Behavior Role Play

Students listen to and discuss Miss Nelson is missing. They discuss appropriate and inappropriate classroom behavior.

Miss Nelson is Missing / Miss Nelson Is Back- Lesson 2

Students read and analyze a story.  In this compare and contrast lesson, students re-read Miss Nelson is Missing and use a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast Miss Nelson and Miss Viola Swamp.  Students write about their favorite part of the story and complete vocabulary, cause and effect, and character activities.

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