Character Education- Self-Control


Students examine and discuss the concept of self-control. They list what it means to show self-control, read and retell the book, 'Miss Nelson is Missing,' and role-play situations that demonstrate examples of self-control.

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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Self-Control Starts With You

Learners develop a definition for self-control and explore how practicing self-control can lead to other positive character traits. They read and discuss examples of student behaviors that exhibit self-control and those that don't.

Health Education: Self-Control

Third graders identify healthy methods of self-control. In this health lesson plan, 3rd graders take control of their own actions as they take part in a creative activity in which they learn healthy ways to monitor and control themselves.

Integrating Character Education: A Lesson on Responsibility

Students explore the trait of responsibility. In this character education lesson, students read Benny the Lazy Beaver and play the Slap Tail Game in order to examine why responsibility is a desired trait.

Self-Control and Self-Motivation

Students create personal goals. In this character education lesson, students analyze the skill of self-discipline. Students discuss the reasons self-discipline and self-motivation are necessary for success.

Character Education Podcasts

Students study character traits. In this character education lesson plan, students create podcasts highlighting a particular character trait. Students broadcast one podcast per week.

Character Education-Patience

First graders discuss patience, self-control, and tolerance of others. They create a list of examples explaining these character words. They draw pictures and write about what would happen if someone wasn't using these words.

Character Education: What Would You Do?

Students investigate the concept of having character by participating in role play activities.  In this morals lesson, students read life situations testing a person's character, and decide what options to take based on morals and proper human behavior.  Students perform a role play scenario in groups of 5 discussing what to do in confusing situations.

K-5 Integrating Character Education/A Lesson on Responsibility

Students demonstrate traits of responsibility. They explain that accepting responsibility is more rewarding than avoiding responsibility. Students bring pictures of responsible and irresponsible situations or behaviors. They explore the character trait responsibility.

Character Education Poster

Students participate in a class discussion about what makes a poster promote a message. They explore topics from character education and make a poster to define and promote a desirable character trait.

How to Become Self Motivated

Students demonstrate their self discipline and motivation by brainstorming their own personal self discipline goals. In this self discipline lesson, students analyze examples of self discipline and self control by completing a worksheet dealing with the subject.

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