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Can art be a mode of communication? You bet it can! Learners explore how colors are used to convey mood in art. First, the class listens to three very unique musical selections that convey three different moods. Then, they compare and contrast three different paintings that convey the same moods as the music. Finally, they create three music-inspired drawings that convey the moods they hear. Fantastic use of music, art, and emotional expression. 

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Narrative Art: What's the Story?

An extensive instructional activity on art analysis, storytelling, critical thinking, and observation awaits your class! They learn to observe and read art the way they would a story; paying attention to details, historical context, and visual cues that describe a place, time, and thought. The instructional activity is broken into four parts, where learners discuss what they see, review content specific vocabulary, and finally create a work of art that expresses a story. Note: The instructional activity could be used in either an art or language class.

Musical Traditions of Southern Louisiana

This units gives students opportunities to * Research the history and patterns of French settlement in Louisiana * Discover three types of music (New Orleans jazz, Cajun, Zydeco) which are representative of the Francophone presence in Louisiana. * Make connections between the rhythms of the music and those of the French language.

The Right Mood

Sixth graders participate in a lesson plan that examines how art, music, and literature can create a mood. Once the concept of mood is understood, they produce a piece of writing that reflects upon a work of art and how it creates a mood.

Garbage or Art?

The three R's are, reduce, reuse, and recycle. Third graders use recycled materials to design and create an environmentally themed piece of art. They discuss and examine major art works that were created using recycled materials, then they get to work creating with trash!

Splish! Splash! From the Bath to my Glass

An excellent lesson on the water cycle! In it, learners should gain a general understanding of the water cycle, along with how water first falls as precipitation, then ends up coming out of our faucets. This lesson nicely integrates math, language arts, music, and art into an exciting and meaningful science lesson. Outstanding!

Artistic Expression

Students analyze Frida Kahlo's paintings to determine how she used them for self-expression. They create a personal piece of art to express sentiments on a particular subject.

Musical Moods

To celebrate diversity and the purpose of Harmony Day, the class examines culturally diverse music and expression through line drawing. They discuss that all cultures produce music and that music can convey mood just like art can. As the teacher plays three very different pieces of music, the class uses crayons to draw a visual representation of how the music makes them feel. Tip: Have the class explore how each song expresses the culture that created it. 

Music in West Africa

Students explore power and the symbols of power in West African music. They discuss the music of West Africa and compare it to African American music of today. In addition, they investigate musical instruments of Africa, identify the characteristics of drumming and mud cloth, and study the art of narrative story-telling. Activities such as reviewing videos, dancing basic rhythm, and exploring the Mjiani Dance are listed.

Making the Connection: Incorporate The Arts Into Every Subject

Art, music, movement, and drama will enhance and bring your lessons to life!

Music Expresses Emotion

Singing, emotion, and music are explored by the class as they think about the expressive sounds and lyrics of each song they hear. They read, play, and sing several songs taken from musical theater productions and discuss the tones, emotions, and ways each song expresses feeling.

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