EFL/ESL: Using Dictation to Improve Your Students' Listening, Spelling and Grammar Skills

3rd - 8th

ESL students explore English by participating in an ESL grammar activity. In this dictation lesson, students discuss the purpose of transcribing English into their native language by improving their reading comprehension. Students read children's stories such as Harry Potter or Green Eggs and Ham and practice transcribing them.

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Instructional Design
Project-Based Learning
2 hrs

Action Verbs: ESL Lesson 1

Verbs are so exciting, especially action verbs! Jump into action and get your ESL class fluent in using and identifying verbs in sentences. They participate in three different activities that will help them define what action verbs are, how to locate them in sentence, and how to use them correctly. Two of the activities are actually games that could potentially be used to teach other parts of speech.

ESL Grammar - Comma Splice

Students fix comma splices. For this ESL lesson, students recognize comma splices and find ways to fix them.  They complete a worksheet finding comma splices and correct sentences. 

Studying English Abroad

Pupils explore what it might be like to study English in another country. In this ESL lesson plan, students complete several activities that represent what it might be like to experience learning the English language in another country, including reading an article, vocabulary and brainstorming.

ESL Sentence Activity: Always Criticizing!

In this ESL sentence activity, students determine which of 5 sentences is the best continuation of a 1st sentences. Page has a link to additional activities.

ESL: Comparatives 2

For this ESL comparatives worksheet, learners select the correct comparative to complete a sentence, choosing from a drop down list beside each. 

Conversation Lesson: The Necessity of Grammar

Start a conversation to convey proper English grammar. In groups pupils voice their opinion, have well supported disagreements, and explain why they feel as they do. This lesson builds academic discussion skills and fosters a command of the English language.

Learning English: Test

In this ESL worksheet, students complete a 20 question multiple choice online interactive quiz about correct English word use and verb tenses.

ESL Grammar: Have to/Don't Have to

In these English Language grammar worksheets, students complete several exercises that help them learn to write the positive or negative form of 'have to.' Students write sentences use 'have to' or 'don't have to' depending on the pictures and their own experiences.

Adaptable ESL Lesson Plan Activities

Increase their knowledge of the English language through activities geared towards ESL learners. They are split into teams and play a bingo game to identify action verbs. Students draw pictures of the action verb onto a sheet of paper.

ESL Grammar: There is/There Are

In these English Language grammar worksheets, 3rd graders complete five worksheets of various activities that help them recognize and correctly use the terms 'there is' and 'there are.'

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