Expository Writing: The Five-Paragraph Essay

6th - 9th

Help your middle or high school class generate ideas for writing through class discussions. Next, explore organizational strategies to facilitate planning which help learners create a coherent essay complete with introduction, main points, and conclusion. Finally, they develop a thesis to clearly plan their five-paragraph essays using the philosophy discussed in class.

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Five-Paragraph Expository Essay

In this five-paragraph expository essay worksheet, students use the cover page and outline to set up their essay. They include the title, a picture/design, a map, a rough draft, a final draft, and place their name on each page.

Writing a Five Paragraph Essay Using the Formula

In these writing essay worksheets, students read several passages about the 5 paragraph essay formula method. Students then complete 7 steps to write the essay, a framework essay worksheet, and write their own essay.

The Five Paragraph Essay: A Framework for Expository Writing

Are your class members nervous about writing essays? Provide a template for the five-paragraph essay to ease their nerves. The slides in this presentation do just that and color-code the process. A fairly long PowerPoint, you might go over one paragraph of the format per day.

Conclusion Paragraph

How do you compose a solid conclusion paragraph? Beginning essay writers end their research paper with a conclusion paragraph created with the help of a graphic organizer. Designed for elementary learners, the activities could be modified to use with older learners.

Book Review

Students write a five paragraph theme that explains how the novel which they read in this unit effectively utilized various literary elements to portray the impact of a disease on a population. They then decide which three literary elements to write about because these best explored the impact of the disease on the time and culture examined in his or her book.

A Formal Analysis of Science Fiction

Students write a five paragraph expository theme. They explain in their theme how the story they read qualifies as science fiction. Students write using all the conventions of English correctly.

Introductory Paragraph

Good introductory paragraphs hook the reader’s attention, explain the purpose of the paper, express the writer’s opinion about the topic, and indicate the main arguments that the writer will use to support the opinion. Follow the script provided by this resource to model for your class crafting an introductory paragraph. Young writers then use this formula to develop the introductory paragraph for their research papers.

How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay 

What are the necessary components of a five paragraph essay? How does one interest their reader? These questions are answered with this 12-slide PowerPoint which details components of the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Slightly text heavy, your class will surely appreciate stopping to look at example paragraphs throughout the presentation. 

Five-Paragraph Essay

Elementary and middle schoolers write a five paragraph essay about themselves. They bring in items which represent something about their personalities and lives, and organize their ideas onto a graphic organizer. They use their pre-writing to aid them in composing an expository or informational paper about the person they know best.

Five Paragraph Essays

Students can learn important writing skills, such as how to complete a five paragraph essay, with these lessons.

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