Students identify different emotions. For this feelings lesson, students rotate through centers that focus of different emotions. They discuss the letter F, the number 1, circles, and the color red.

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Group Discussion: Accessing Books Around the World

Continue work with an informational text by following the procedures detailed here. The plan, part of a series, focuses on My Librarian is a Camel. Class members complete text-dependent questions and then prepare for and participate in a jigsaw-style discussion. Small groups discuss why it is difficult for people in the country they are reading about to access books. Then, using evidence from the text, they break off and have a brief debate with members from other groups. Close with a 3-2-1 exit ticket. Worksheets are included, but the text is not.

The Extraverted Feeling Personality Type: An Introduction

Curriculum planning techniques and strategies designed to engage and inspire an extraverted-feeling class mix.

The Red Badge of Courage: A New Kind of Realism

Sudents compare specific excerpts from The Red Badge of Courage to first-hand accounts of Civil War battles, in text and images and list elements of Crane's style in The Red Badge of Courage that contribute to its realism.

Learning About Emotions

Young scholars participate in a series of activities about identifying different feelings and emotions. In these oral language and discussion lessons, students use pictures and photographs to get them involved in oral storytelling activities. Children will dictate stories and create self-portraits with feeling to create a class book or wall display.

Red is the Word!

Through the use of stories, artwork, and the KidPix program, youngsters explore the color word red, and engage in activities around the word. Teaching kindergartners about the color words can be so much fun. This could be adapted for any of the primary or secondary colors.

Picture Fists Full of Kisses

Ease children's back-to-school jitters with this primary grade lesson based on the book The Kissing Hand by Ruth E. Harper. Starting off with a singing of the song "I Wish I Had a Little Red Box", children go on to discuss and create a picture graph of their feelings on the first day of school. Young learners then read about Chester's first day of school before creating a Kisses, Hugs, and Handshakes art project  complementing the story.

Clifford the Big Red Dog: Work Together

Students explore the concept of cooperation. In this literature instructional activity, students read Clifford's Busy Week and discuss teamwork as they create "Lost and Found" journals and build paper trains.

Childhood Feelings

Student explore feelings, how to deal with them and how to express feelings. In this feelings lesson, students discuss different ways they feel. Students sing songs about feelings and show actions for each feeling.

Roses are Red…and Pink…and White…and Gray

Students explore small details. In this small details lesson plan, students view posters to locate different colors, count items and use their imaginations. Students pretend to be animals from the poster.

Dog's Best Friend

Learners learn about and identify feelings of happiness, sadness and disappointment. In this feelings lesson plan, students have a show and tell time about their pets and discuss how it would feel if they lost their pet. Learners watch a video about lost animals, draw a picture of their favorite animals, make an I feel happy book and sing "If You're Happy and You Know It".

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