Four-Digit by Two-Digit Division With Remainders (Q)

3rd - 5th

In this division with remainders practice worksheet, students use their problem solving skills to solve 50 problems that require them to divide 4 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers

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Solving Word Problems Involving Subtraction

Students solve subtraction word problems. For this 1 to 100,000 subtraction with and without regrouping lesson, students use Polya's problem solving strategies to solve word problems as a whole class and in small groups. Students articulate ways in which they understood, planned, solved and looked back on the content of the word problems in order to solve them correctly.

Solving Word Problems Mentally

Students demonstrate how to solve word problems mentally. In this problem solving lesson, students participate in an addition drill involving flash cards and identify the place value of digits. Students then analyze subtraction word problems that are written on the board. Students practice solving these problems mentally by drawing the problem in their mind. Students practice solving various word problems mentally and share their strategies.

3D Objects

In this math instructional activity, students solve six problems about 3D objects. Students also solve six problems about measuring 3D objects.

Solving Problems:  Multiplication of Whole Numbers Including Money

Students investigate strategies for solving word problems. In this multiplication lesson, students examine word problems for key words and generate a plan for solving the problem. Assessment is provided.

Solving Word Problems:  Addition & Subtraction of Decimals Including Money

Students investigate problem solving skills. In this decimal lesson, students discover key words necessary for solving mathematical word problems involving addition and subtraction with decimals.

Solving Word Problems Involving Multiplication of Whole Numbers Including Money

Students explore economics by solving word problems. In this multiplication lesson, students read a story problem and transcribe it into a numerical sentence. Students ask and answer questions about the story and complete a list of word problems in class.

Solving Word Problems with Addition

Upper graders explore solving word problems with addition of money. They will read problems and solve them. Furthermore, they participate in various activities such as singing about problem solving. A very detailed instructional activity.

Solving Word Problems Involving Addition

Use addition to solve word problems. Students identify key terms and calculate problems in small groups. They remember to understand, plan, solve, and look back when computing story problems. 

Solve Division Problems by Subtracting Equal Groups

It is very important to understand what it actually means to divide. Learners will find out that because multiplication is repeated addition, it stands to reason that division is repeated subtraction. They'll use a number line to subtract equal groups from a larger number. Two example problems are worked to help solidify the concept.

Solve Multiplication Problems: Using Repeated Addition

While young mathematicians are still working to memorize their multiplication facts, teach them how to use repeated addition when solving multiplication problems. The second video in a series models this skill with multiple examples, using pictures to support learners as they develop an understanding of multiplication. A separate Guided Practice video provides an additional word problem that allows young learners to demonstrate their ability to solve multiplication problems. A perfect addition in an introductory unit on multiplication, either as a supplement to whole group instruction, or as an independent learning activity.

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