Geometry, Patchwork Quilts, and Native American Culture

4th - 8th

Use geometric principles to analyze North American quilt patterns. Learners review the concept of area, perimeter, and symmetry. They explore the importance of the star in quilting and conduct research on Morning Star quilts using the Internet. This lesson would be great for an Open House or Math night!

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2 hrs

Native American Culture Region Collages

Young scholars research various Native American tribes. In this Native American history lesson, students follow the provided rubric to create collages on the cultures of selected Native American tribes.

Ancient Native Americans

Seventh graders investigate Native American tribes. For this Native American history lesson, 7th graders collaborate to research Internet and print sources about selected Native American tribes. Students present their finding to their classmates in oral presentations.

Native Lands: Indians in Georgia

Students research what Native Americans looked like in order to dispel common stereotypes.  In this Native American history lesson plan, students begin by drawing their mental picture of an Indian, then they research North American Indians to get a more accurate representation.  Students compare and contrast their original drawings to what the Natives actually looked like.

Federal Indian Policy:  American Indian Boarding Schools

Students investigate the impact of Native American boarding schools. In this Native American activity, students discover how boarding schools impacted the Native American culture.

Native Americans

Learners complete a unit on the history of Native Americans. They explore various websites, draw pictures of Native American homes, create a poster highlighting a period in Native American history, and construct a replica of a Native American flag for display.

After the American Revolution: Free African Americans in the North

Students investigate the life of African Americans in the North during the American Revolution. They analyze how authors use various techniques to write biographies, read about Sojourner Truth, conduct research, and write an excerpt about Sojourner.

Southeastern Native Americans' Lifestyles

Students complete activities to learn about Southeastern Native Americans.  In this lifestyles lesson, students watch a PowerPoint about Southeastern Native Americans, view artifacts from the region and discuss the objects with a partner.  Students analyze primary sources and draw a picture of a Native American village.  Students use primary and secondary sources to create a Southeastern Native American info book.

Native American Music

Explore Native American music. Listen to several examples of Native American music. Locate the tribes on maps and practice pronouncing words in the Cherokee language. Write out rhythmic accompaniment or a melodic introduction.

Native North Americans

In this online interactive history quiz worksheet, learners respond to 32 fill in the blank questions about Native North Americans. Students may submit their answers to be scored.

Technology Rich Native American Unit

While this unit isn't as complete as it should be, it does provide many good learning activities. Kids will participate in writing, listening, reading, drama, and creative activities as they research various Native American tribes. The ideas are good and could be used to accompany any lesson or more complete unit related to Native American studies.

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