Geometry, Patchwork Quilts, and Native American Culture

4th - 8th

Use geometric principles to analyze North American quilt patterns. Learners review the concept of area, perimeter, and symmetry. They explore the importance of the star in quilting and conduct research on Morning Star quilts using the Internet. This lesson plan would be great for an Open House or Math night!

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Instructional Design
2 hrs
Wake Forest University
Leah McCoy

Culture Areas Of Native North America

Students investigate the different cultural areas of Native North America. They process information using critical thinking skills while conducting research on the internet. They record information found on a graphic organizer to help categorize information that has been analyzed.

Native Lands: Indians in Georgia

Students research what Native Americans looked like in order to dispel common stereotypes.  In this Native American history lesson, students begin by drawing their mental picture of an Indian, then they research North American Indians to get a more accurate representation.  Students compare and contrast their original drawings to what the Natives actually looked like.

Native North Americans

For this online interactive history quiz worksheet, students respond to 32 fill in the blank questions about Native North Americans. Students may submit their answers to be scored.

Native American Music and the Flute

Pupils study the role of the flute in Native American music while determining what an exemplary example of flute music sounds like. They develop a method of assessing a Native American flute performance. They perform a Native American flute piece before assessing it, and the performances of others.

Which Way is North?

Who needs a compass to find cardinal directions? Just place a stick in the ground and record the movement of its shadow over the course of a day. Then, measure the shadow lengths in order to determine a north-south line. A simple activity that deepens students' understanding of the earth's motion and position in the solar system. As an extension, consider creating sundials to demonstrate how shadows can also be used to tell time.

Native North American Dog Breeds

  In this trivia quiz, the information focuses on native North American dog breeds. Students respond to 10 multiple choice questions and submit answers electronically via this interactive website.    

Dot to Dot: Patterns in the Night Sky

Sixth graders are introduced to several major constellations and locate them in the night sky. They graph the constellations on grid paper and work in groups to research common myths and stories associated with specific constellations.

Native American Music

Explore Native American music. Listen to several examples of Native American music. Locate the tribes on maps and practice pronouncing words in the Cherokee language. Write out rhythmic accompaniment or a melodic introduction.

After the American Revolution: Free African Americans in the North

Middle schoolers investigate the life of African Americans in the North during the American Revolution. They analyze how authors use various techniques to write biographies, read about Sojourner Truth, conduct research, and write an excerpt about Sojourner.

North Carolina American Indian Stories

Fourth graders select and read stories from some of the North Carolina American Indian tribes. They compare and contrast two stories and complete a Venn diagram. They use the information on the Venn diagram to write 3 paragraphs. They later create their own

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