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Kids make a collage to help them identify and name healthy food. They listen to the book, Eat Healthy, Feel Great, discuss healthy food and why they need it, then cut out pictures of healthy foods to make a collage. 

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Plan a Meal Fun

Discuss helping with the family grocery shopping. View a teacher drawn map of a grocery store and discuss where the breads, meats, and dairy products are located. Practice categorizing foods as breads and cereals, fruits, vegetables, milk and cheese, or meat. Draw and color a picture of your favorite "balanced" meal.

Food Allergies

Students explore different types of food allergies. In this food allergy lesson plan, students look at what foods people with peanut, seafood, milk, egg, soy or wheat allergies have to avoid. They create a button for a student with an allergy to wear. 

Foods for Health

In this identifying foods for health worksheet, students color the foods that are healthy and circle their names. Students choose six answers.

Health and Nutrition Lesson Plan: Learning Healthy Eating Habits With Junk Food Jack and Healthy Harry

Students distinguish healthy foods from junk foods. For this personal health and nutrition lesson, students make Junk Food Jack and Healthy Harry. Students use the puppets to role play discussion about healthy eating.

Early Childhood Nutrition

Students complete activities that focus on food and nutrition. In this food lesson plan, students sort foods into healthy and not healthy, categorize them into ground and tree sorts, draw their favorite foods, make abc books of food, and more.

Healthy Snacks Project Lesson

After learning why it is important to limit salt, fat, and sugar in their diets, divide your class into pairs or groups to complete this project. Each group will create two charts: unhealthy and healthy foods. They will cut out food items from grocery store ads and categorize them properly. What a fun, hands-on activity!

Taking Care of Our Bodies

Young scholars learn the importance of taking care of their bodies. In this body health activity, students learn about using helmets and knee pads, using basic hygiene, and about eating healthy foods. They listen to a teacher chosen book on the topic before discussing the concepts.

Grocery Store

Students explore food and grocery stores. In this lesson on foods, students are introduced to the food pyramid and healthy eating through a variety of center activities. Students have to opportunity to role-play working at a grocery store.

The Human Body

Explore the human body through hands-on activities. Young learners will trace their bodies and place cut out body organs in the proper place, print patterns using cut fruit, sing songs about good nutrition, and use their five senses during many movement and art activities based on getting to know body parts and their function.

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