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Kids make a collage to help them identify and name healthy food. They listen to the book, Eat Healthy, Feel Great, discuss healthy food and why they need it, then cut out pictures of healthy foods to make a collage. 

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Choosing Healthy Foods

In this healthy foods worksheet, students read a 2 page article on the food pyramid and eating healthy foods. Students answer 10 questions with multiple choice answers.

Happy Feet, Healthy Food Journal

Fourth graders record their physical activities and eating habits in a journal. They place their answers in the workbook, Happy Feet, Healthy Food. They sketch and write about their weekly healthy habits.

Healthy Food is Good Food!

Students examine the difference between whole foods and junk foods. In this food instructional activity, students learn the definitions of whole food and junk food. They find the difference in tastes and textures of different foods by performing taste tests. They determine the benefits of eating healthy food and participate in a class discussion on the subject.

Home Living / Daily Living Lesson Plan—Mastery Healthy Food

Everyone needs to know how to eat well to stay healthy. Learners with mild disabilities log what they eat, discuss food choices, and review healthy foods. The lesson could be used to foster living skills in high-functioning individuals or to introduce younger learners to basic nutrition.

Using the Food Pyramid to Make Healthy Food Choices

Students investigate how to make healthy choices. In this food pyramid lesson, students read about making healthy choices. Students chart the food they eat to see where it is on the pyramid. Students then create a collage of healthy foods on the food pyramid.

Healthy Food Makes Healthy Body

Students explore the food pyramid. In this healthy eating lesson plan, students participate in a variety of center activities where they explore the food pyramid and the importance of making healthy food choices. Students also have the opportunity to keep a record of what they eat.

Healthy Foods

Students discuss the difference between healthy foods and bad foods. They define healthy foods. Students name healthy foods they can eat and discuss why it is important to eat healthy food.

Hooray For Healthy Foods

students share their favorite healthy food, prepare and share recipes. Using construction paper, they create a banner advertising their favorite healthy food. Afterward, they create a 3-D replica of their healthy food and write the recipe. Students display their banner for others to view.

Healthy Food Choices

Students are given some facts about the different food groups and then make a total of eight healthy food selections from magazine clippings.

Healthy Foods=Super Kids

First graders explore food that help and hurt their bodies.  In this healthy food lesson, 1st graders view the Picky Eater, sing a song and discuss the food groups.  Students keep a journal of the healthy foods they eat.  Students are photographed in a Superkid t-shirt and milkshake moustache.

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