"J'adore la pizza" by Karen Kransky: Finding rhyming words in a French Poem

3rd - 5th

Students identify rhyming words in the French language. In this French rhyming words lesson, students participate in a shared reading of the poem "J'adore la pizza" by Karen Kransky. Students complete a cloze activity on the poem, break the rhyming words into syllables, and write an expansion of the poem.

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2 days

Conditionals Type 2

In this conditionals type 2 worksheet, 4th graders complete 4 grammar tasks using poetry by reconstructing two poems with the correct form of the words given, then complete 4 conditional sentences.

Poetry Beyond Words: Creating Poetry with Linguistically Diverse Students

Models of and directions for how to write 20 different types of poems are featured in an NCTE resource. The introduction to each form highlights the embedded concepts. For example, tongue twisters encourage poets to use alliteration and assonance while the diamond poem format emphasizes parallelism. Resource lists and poetry websites links are included.

Rhyme Time!

In this recognizing rhyming words worksheet, students produce words that rhyme with words in boxes, use the rhyming words to create a poem, and solve a riddle using rhyming words clues. Students write at least twenty-four short answers.

Cousteau, Calypso, et la Classe de Francais

Students interpret spoken and written information from a website and other sources in French. They study the work of Jacques Cousteau, the marine ecosystem, and the human actions which affect the environment.

Long ee or ea

Students practice spelling words with the long e sounds using ee or ea. For this ee or ea lesson plan, students complete words using the ee or ea pattern, identify rhyming words, and write a rhyming poem using ee words. Using word and picture cards, students complete the words adding the missing ee or ea letters. Students will also have an opportunity to complete words by adding phonemes and graphemes at the end of words.

L'art Langagier du Cameleon

Students use the poem "Le Cameleon" to increase his/her French vocabulary in previously learned categories. They are introduced to use of certain verbs in the command form. They learn to creatively write in French following the pattern of the poem.

Word Families (Equal, Equi)

In these Ell vocabulary acquisition worksheets, students complete several pages of activities that help them learn and use the words from the word family of equal and equi-.

Poems and Translation (from Spanish to English)

Young scholars read and are read various poems in their native language of Spanish. In groups or individually, they translate the poems into English and practice speaking English by reading them to the class. They answer comprehension questions for each poem to end the lesson.

Finding Rhyming Words in a French Poem

Students discover French letter sound combinations. They read a French poem in which they discover different combinations that rhyme. They continue the rhyming pattern by adding their own lines to the poem. They read their poem to the class to practice pronunciation.

Finding Rhyming Words in a French Poem

Explore rhyming in this phonemic awareness and French lesson. Listen to the poem "J'Adore la Pizza" by Karen Kransky and identify rhyming words. Compare grapheme spelling patterns with like phonemes, and sort word cards according to rhyming patterns. Finally, complete a related worksheet.

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