"Jasper's Beanstalk"

K - 2nd

Students participate in various shared reading and writing activities related to the book "Jasper's Beanstalk." They write a sentence for each of Jasper's activities for each day of the week, develop a list of gardening words, and retell the story.

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5 days
Literacy Matters

Writing Word Problems and Equations

Fifth graders write word problems related to equations.  For this backward word problem lesson, 5th graders begin with the equation and write the word problem that it illustrates. Students complete a worksheet activity writing word problems and one answering them.

Little Words Are Hiding Inside!

First graders practice finding smaller words inside larger ones. In this spelling instructional activity, 1st graders write smaller words that they find in larger ones. They look at words such as water and write a list of words within. They use the skill to help when spelling larger words.

The Catcher in the Rye: List-Group-Label Activity

Here's a list-group-label vocabulary activity for The Catcher in the Rye that will knock readers out, it really will! Groups sort, label, and define a list of words taken from Salinger’s novel. Complete directions for the activity, the worksheet, and a teacher’s copy of the word list are included. It may sound crazy, but it really works to increase vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Vocabulary Building Activities

In these four building vocabulary worksheets, students view vocabulary word lists, use definition clues, unscramble letters, and write sentences using each vocabulary word. Students write twenty-one answers per instructional activity.

Decode and Write Words with More Than One Syllable

First, second, and third graders are told that they are going to read and write words with more than one part or syllable. They watch and listen as the teacher writes the word sunset. They listen as the teacher says the first part of the word sunset. They use letter cards as a visual aid to decode and write compound words.

My Favorite Activity

In this choosing their favorite activity worksheet, students observe pictures with sentences of activities and choose their favorite activity, state their goal to persuade a friend to join them in the activity, write reasons why they like to do this, and draw a picture of their friend and them participating in the activity. Students complete four activities.

Vocabulary Strategy: The Diary of Anne Frank 

When your class reaches the date, June 14, 1942, in The Diary of Anne Frank, have them complete this word search activity. A word list is provided at the bottom of the page, and learners search for a total of 43 words, choosing 10 to define. 


Alphabetization practice galore awaits learners in 1st-4th grade. Dozens of pre-set word lists are at-the-ready for practice quizzes, while ten customizable lists allow for personalization.  


Here's an art instructional activity for pre-schoolers which focuses on communicating through words and movement. Learners explore the traditions of the samurai grip enhancers and characteristics of wasps. Photographs, embedded in the plan, of these objects are shown to the kids. Everyone makes buzz sounds, and they play a game where they use large letter cards to spell out the word wasp. This does seems like an ambitious instructional activity for such young learners, but the activities described are age-appropriate.

Rest in peace, dead words!

Sick to death of reading papers loaded with trite expressions and over-used words? Here’s an activity that will enliven your reading and animate the vocabulary of your young learners. Laminate on a paper tombstone a short list of “dead” (banned or over-used) words. Distribute these lists to groups who must then find five synonyms for each word.  The tombstones, surrounded by synonyms, are then posted around the classroom, available for writers to use to give life to their creations. A banned word list and a sample essay, with lively lexica, are included.

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