Michelangelo Art

2nd - 6th

Learners research the artist Michelangelo. In this visual arts lesson, students review the work of Michelangelo, specifically the Sistine Chapel, and simulate the experience by creating a piece of art on paper under their desk.

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Instructional Design
Project-Based Learning
1 hr

Paintings on the Ceiling

Students explore the graffiti paintings of Paco Rosic and recognize that his artworks were designed to please himself.  Your class are led to identify the techniques in Paco Rosic's paintings and create graffiti art. There is material and opportunity for debate here about graffiti and its social impact. Resources provided will help inspire debate about inspiration and peceptions of certain non-traditional art forms

All in the Family

Students examine the work of Gypsy Snider and her contemporary circus ensemble, "Les Sept Doigts de le Main."  In this artistic expression lesson, students explore physical movement, physical comedy, and circus arts as a form of artistic expression.  A variety of lessons/activities are provided for multiple age ranges.

Exploring Art

Students research topics related to art techniques and famous artists in this series of lessons. They create a number of examples of artwork using colors, textures, and elements.

Art as Storyteller

Students examine how paintings tell stories. They read biographies about artists, analyze paintings, research and write the art history of a painting, write a creative story based on the painting, and create a painting in the artist's style.

How Lessons from the Past Can Inspire New Art

Young scholars investigate the history of art by researching art training. In this Renaissance instructional activity, students identify the Royal Academy of Arts, its history, and the role it played in the formation of American artists. Young scholars attend a field trip with classmates to a local museum and utilize art vocabulary to describe what they see.

Looking and Learning in the Art Museum

Learners explore art at an art museum. In this instructional activity about art, students travel to a museum and explore the art. Learners practice drawing, search for certain kinds of art, and learn about reproducing art by someone else. Students will have a better overall understanding of art.

Wherefore Art Thou, Art?

Pupils analyze various perspectives on the controversial "Sensation: Young British Artists From the Saatchi Collection" art exhibit on display at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Ambassadors of Art

Have your class create their own art exhibit. Learners study the exchange of artwork between the Louvre in Paris and two American art museums, and create an introductory exhibit featuring European and American art from the Renaissance through the 20th century. Before embarking on this instructional activity, check the materials list to make sure you are prepared.

Michelangelo's Art

Students study the artist Michelangelo and what it was like to paint the Sistine Chapel. They make paintings while lying on their backs under their desks.

When Art's a Craft

What would it be like to restore modern works of art? By acting as modern art conservators, learners assess the first-hand difficulties faced in restoration efforts. In addition, they create modern art pieces from random materials. Then, they resume the role of art conservator to analyze their classmates' work and discuss preservation techniques.

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