My Favorite Animal and Me

2nd - 4th

Students research their favorite animal. They create their own fact book to share about their animal and their habitat.

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Animal Habitats

Students research an animal and their habitat. In this animal habitat instructional activity, students observe a WebQuest that describes the different habitats: deserts, tundra, rainforest, forest, and ocean. They determine which habitat their animal would live and how that home meets the animal's basic needs. 

4th Grade Animal Report

Congratulations, your learners have just been hired as zookeepers at the San Diego Zoo! Their first job is to help set up new exhibits by researching and giving a presentation about different animals. Provide each young researcher with this project outline that includes all the specific requirements and a step-by-step description of the research process. A fun project to conclude a life science unit on ecosystems.

Animal Habitats and Adaptations

Students choose from the following list a method of presentation: writing piece, poster, diorama, song/rap, skit, PowerPoint presentation, or web page of a representation of a habitat, adaptation, an example of how we destroy/promote animal survival. They then provide a bibliography of resources cited.

Animal and Plant Habitats

Second graders write and illustrate a story. For this habitats lesson, 2nd graders learn about different types of plant and animal habitats. Students view video segments about habitats, answer comprehension questions, complete a crossword puzzle, read stories about different animal habitats and use the information learned to write and illustrate a story about habitats.

African Animals in Habitats

Students investigate animal habitats in zoos. In this animal habitat lesson plan, students fill in a KWLH chart about zoos before looking at pictures of African animals in zoo habitats. They discuss what they see and take a field trip to the zoo where they take digital pictures of animals in their habitats. They complete an art project of a chosen habitat.

A Fun Science Lesson Plan about Habitats at the Zoo

Students explore the animal habitats at the zoo. In this animal science lesson, students read about animal habitats from a textbook and construct a list of animals that live in specific habitats. Additionally, students take a field trip to the zoo and record the types of habitats they see.

Animal Habitat Poem

Groups of pupils circulate through five animal habitat stations and add information to the circle map located in each station. Then, they are shown the form of a lantern poem, and go to the computer lab in order to construct an original poem in the lantern form. They view a variety of animals in their habitats and create a poem about the animal of their choice. Both the poem and the picture are printed, and a bulletin board is created in class. Very nice!

What Animals Need to Live

Fourth graders read "Habitat: What Animals Need to Live" then create a Venn diagram for herbivore, omnivore, and carnivore. In this animal survival activity, 4th graders determine where different animals need to live depending on what they eat, and summarize what elements are needed for survival (food, water, shelter, space).

Animal Habitats

Students explore animal lifestyles by researching their characteristics. In this animal habitat lesson, students read the story Over in the Jungle and analyze the animal illustrations in the book. Students create clay animal characters from the story and photograph their characters in their correct habitats.

Global and Environmental Issues: The Effects of a Changing Earth on Animals

Third graders research animal habitats. In this environmental lesson, 3rd graders discover how animals adapt to environmental changes. After researching animals using the Internet, students construct a research paper.

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