Oliver Twist


In this language arts worksheet, 5th graders will read a portion from "Oliver Twist." Students are then asked to write their thoughts as to what life would be like to live as an orphan.

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East Meets West: The Art of Simplicity

Fifth graders examine the influences of Japan on American life through this three lesson unit. Feudal Japan with its traditional arts and culture is contrasted with current developments of the country.

Art Smart!

Third graders learn the basic elements of art and develop an appreciation for art.  In this ten-lesson plan unit, 3rd graders explore how to analyze art objectively, and try their hand at creating original art.

Character Attributes in Writing

Third graders analyze the importance of characters in fiction writing and performances.  In this theatre instructional activity, 3rd graders identify the important characteristics of a fictional character and how to portray a character through many different physical and psychological choices.  Students act out characters for their classmates and critique their own performances.

Clues to a Character through Text

Readers will read a text and fill out a character map based on the characters in that text. They will explore different qualities of each character for their map. this can be modified to support younger learners. They will learn about personality traits, physical choices, vocal choices, and the character's conversation.

Horse Character: Ceramics Lesson

Animals oftentimes elicit various characteristics which make them symbolic or representative of human feeling, action, or emotion. The class creates horse characters out of clay to show character action and symbolism. This is a great project to use in conjunction with a lesson on personification, character development, or even verbs. A verb is an action and each child's creation can exemplify a motive and an action.

Art and Power

Students study the complex relationships between art, artists, and the political establishment in the 19th and 20th centuries. In this art and history lesson plan, students study various photos, paintings, and sculptures and learn about the ideals they represented.

Let's Find a Good Time in Art!

Fifth graders make a Hyperstudio presentation based on their study of different time periods in art history. They complete a timeline using a teacher made template to complete the project.

Analyze a Character's Thoughts, Actions, and Words

Authors use specific techniques to develop characters. Ask your class to do some sleuthing into "A Pair of Silk Stockings" to figure out how Kate Chopin put together Mrs. Sommers. The video starts with a brief review of direct and indirect characterization and then models how to use a character web to record textual details about Mrs. Sommers, with the final goal of composing a brief character summary. Class members can follow along using the provided graphic organizer. Make sure your class has read the story before beginning this character analysis. The additional materials are definitely worth a peek!

Yellow Bird and Me

Upper elementary artists create works which demonstrate an understanding of the many elements of theater and the visual arts. This four-day plan combines many wonderful aspects of visual, musical, and theatrical arts into one very engaging and rich educational experience. Some worksheets which are embedded in the plan will help you to implement the lesson quite effectively. Very good!

Lesson: Younger Than Jesus: Understanding, Looking at, Making Abstract Art

Before the class makes abstract art, they see contemporary examples and analyze them. They look at art made by abstract artists under the age of 33 then use similar techniques to create an interesting collection of their own. The lesson spans five sessions and includes discussion questions, art resources, vocabulary, and creative projects.

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