Positive and Negative Numbers

6th - 7th

Contest winner? Use this story about winning tickets to an NFL football game to plot numbers on a number line. Identify positive and negative values in the story and use the worksheet provided to plot out temperature, altitude, and money values. Then, have a discussion about numbers plotted to the left of zero and numbers to the right of zero.

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Instructional Designs
Collaborative Learning
45 mins

Intro to Adding/Subtracting Rational Numbers - 7.NS.1.c

Here is a lesson that will help you meet seventh grade math Common Core skills standards. Learners work in collaborative groups to solve a real-world scenario using the subtraction of rational numbers. They jigsaw into other groups and display their solutions on a number line. Although the lesson plan includes the use of the Geometer's Sketchpad® application, it can be taught sufficiently without it. Note that there is not a lot of teacher support in this write-up, and that you will need to create your own homework problems to assign as reinforcement.

Signed Numbers/Integers Worksheets

For this positive and negative numbers worksheet, students compute the values indicated using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, with answer keys included.

Lesson 3: Number Sense

Learners solve word problems using number sense. They convert fractions to decimals and mixed numbers. Pupils determine if a given fraction is greater or less than another fraction, and order numbers on a number line.

Place Value & Picasso

Place value to the millions is the focus of this math lesson. Third and fourth graders investigate multiple ways to represent a number. They examine place value while studying factual information about Pablo Picasso. Resources are provided.

Are You Absolutely Sure of the Value? - Grade Seven

In a math journal, seventh graders address the questions of using variables and notation in real-world math problems. In groups, they arrange themselves in order of birthdate, then subtract the number of their month from seven (for July). These numbers become the integers for a number line investigation on absolute values. A detailed lesson plan guides you as the teacher, and ideas are provided for differentiated instruction, extensions, interdisciplinary connections, and homework. 

Chapter 2: Integers & the Number Line

Here is an extensive set of teacher's notes to help you teach all about integers. Begin by introducing a number line and how it can be used to visualize positive and negative numbers. Talk about absolute value and the additive inverse concept. Finally, instruct your class about applying all four operations to positive and negative integers. Whereas there is nothing out-of-this-world in this resource, it is comprehensive and especially helpful if you are new to teaching these concepts!

Absolute Value 1

Several examples of positive and negative numbers in their absolute value are plotted on a number line.

Balancing Number Sentences to Introduce Missing Values

Students balance number sentences to learn about missing values. In this balanced equations lesson, students use the word problem to study missing values. Students watch a video about the topic and play two games about balancing equations with multiple terms as well as solving equations for missing values. Students then complete a worksheet about missing value equations. Students finish with two assessments for balancing equations.

Place Value Possibilities

Fourth graders use place value to solve problems, to play a game, and to answer questions about numbers. They will use Microsoft Word to manipulate numbers in the correct order and write the name of that number. Students discover how place value relates to the real world.

Number Line Game

Students understand number line concepts and the addition of positive and negative integers. In this number line lesson, students create and use a number line to play a game. Students will use different colored dice to represent positive and negative integers. Students move clothespins on their number lines based on the throw of the dice. The first student to move off the number line with positive numbers is the winner.

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