Sense of Smell

2nd - 4th

Students complete activities that help activate their sense of smell. In this sense of smell lesson plan, students paint with scratch and sniff paint, use a blindfold and smell items, and have a discussion.

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Life Science
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Project-Based Learning
1 day

Come to Mommy

Fourth graders participate in a simple experiment to illustrate the concept of mother bats identifying their young. They sniff stickers in order to imitate the behavior of mother bats in the wild.


Youngsters explore their sense of smell by working in pairs. One child is blindfolded, while the other holds things for him to smell. They switch after a while. All of this leads up to learning about the amazing ability sharks have to smell - even from very far away. A study of sharks, and their prey, ensues. Terrific worksheets and activities are embedded in this fine science plan for the little ones.

Wild Wonderful Walk

Learners explore the outdoors. In this poetry instructional activity, students spend time outdoors and write a poem about what they felt and saw. Learners can do this activity in pairs or alone. Students blindfold their partner to focus on sounds and touch.

Know Your Nose: Learning About the Sense of Smell

Students explore their senses of smell. For this sense of smell lesson, students read The Popcorn Dragon and research the sense of smell on a designated website. Students identify scents and play an Internet game based on the sense of smell.

Taste, Smell, Touch

Students describe and compare objects using the senses of touch, smell, and taste in this series of activities. They demonstrate how a single sense works by eliminating one of the other senses.

Taste, Smell, Touch

Young scholars explore the senses, taste, touch and smell. In this lesson about senses, students perform experiments, or activities. Young scholars complete three activities in order to become more familiar with the three senses of taste, touch, and smell. Students analyze how the senses work and understand their importance to the human body.

Smells Like Christmas, Exploring the Nose

Students discover that the sense of smell helps us to enjoy life and explore unsafe conditions. They smell Christmas by making gingerbread ornaments.

The Five Senses Kids Activities and Crafts

Learners experience activities with their sense of smell. In this smell lesson, students hear a story about a bull who loves to smell flowers, pretend to be a dog smelling different smells, experiment with a smell test and paint with scratch and sniff paint.

An American Scene Painter

Students research and understand the characteristics of the watercolor paintings of Charles Burchfield.In this watercolor lesson, students collect ideas in a journal and then create a watercolor picture using the techniques and characteristics of Burchfield.

Can You Smell That?

Fifth graders investigate the senses, including sight, smell and touch. They create a scratch and sniff paper.

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