Short Vowel Sounds


Review the letters in the alphabet that are vowels. Learners will view a list of short vowel sounds and recognize the difference from long vowel sounds. Then they identify words with short vowel sounds and analyze their patterns.

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Vowels Short And Long: Elevators

Second graders study short and long vowel sounds. They use a variety of drill and practice software to support basic skills acquisition and simple menus to locate information, with teacher assistance. They watch the movie and listen to the directions given by the computer.

Phonics: Diphthongs and Digraphs

In this recognizing diphthongs and digraphs worksheet, students identify the vowel sounds in words with the letter combinations au, aw, ew, and ou. Students write fifteen answers.

Long Vowel Sounds Activity Center

In this long vowel sounds learning exercise, students place pictures next to the long vowel sound that is in their names. Students put 51 pictures next to sounds.

Decoding Made Easy

A lesson plan on decoding skills is here for you. In it, young readers work hard to learn all of their consonant and vowel sounds and how to manipulate those sounds to read different words. The lesson plan may have been written by a speech teacher, because the techniques presented are very specific to that type of training. Shaving cream, colored markers, and attention to the shape of the mouth and vibrations in the throat are all utilized. A valuable lesson plan for any teacher who needs to help their struggling readers.

Long Vowels

Pupils recognize long vowel sounds by reading and listening to a story that highlights words with long vowel sounds. They then construct an original story. They use picture clues to aid comprehension, and match words with similar vowel sounds.

Long Vowels

Now here is a great set of activities that will make learning about long vowel sounds a snap. The activities cover two days and include vowel identification, reading, and several great games. Kids will hunt for long vowel words, play long vowel hopscotch, and long vowel concentration. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Students participate in activities associated with the book, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". They practice using new vocabulary and the days of the week. They create a book about what they ate on the different days of the week and how the food made them feel. They also practice saying the different vowel sounds.

The Long and Short of It!

Identify short and long vowel sounds. Scholars will sing a song to reinforce the vowel sounds. Then use slates and wipe-off markers to identify vowel sounds in words.

Phonics Instruction: Long Vowel Sound, Silent E

Students explore language arts by participating in a class word identification game. In this phonics lesson, students read several words in class and identify the different sounds between short and long vowel words. Students complete a flash card game against their classmates in which they pronounce the most words correctly.

Vowel Lessons: To Help Improve Spelling

There are a few things every good speller knows: spelling rules, vowel sounds, and word endings. Help your learner with dyslexia become a more efficient speller with a few tips from a dyslexia expert. Included in the lesson is a video, an audio bite, and several research-based strategies that can be shared with your struggling learner. They emphasise phonemic awareness and visual tools that can be used to improve overall spelling skills.

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