Short Vowel Sounds


Review the letters in the alphabet that are vowels. Learners will view a list of short vowel sounds and recognize the difference from long vowel sounds. Then they identify words with short vowel sounds and analyze their patterns.

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Long Vowel Sounds Activity Center

In this long vowel sounds activity, students place pictures next to the long vowel sound that is in their names. Students put 51 pictures next to sounds.

Vowel Picture Sort

Sound sorting can be a fun way to get little ones phonologically prepared for a life of reading. In this activity they sort picture cards based on the long or short vowel sound they make when said aloud. There are lead pictures and several pictures to sort included. Just print on card stock, laminate, and let the learning begin. 

Long Vowels

Learners recognize long vowel sounds by reading and listening to a story that highlights words with long vowel sounds. They then construct an original story. They use picture clues to aid comprehension, and match words with similar vowel sounds.

Vowel Sounds: e

"Eh?" That is the short vowel sound the letter e makes when it is used in the middle of a word. Little ones will draw a line between the letter e and objects that make the short e sound. Then they will fill in the missing e in six different words.

The Long and Short of It!

Identify short and long vowel sounds. Scholars will sing a song to reinforce the vowel sounds. Then use slates and wipe-off markers to identify vowel sounds in words.

Long Vowels

Now here is a great set of activities that will make learning about long vowel sounds a snap. The activities cover two days and include vowel identification, reading, and several great games. Kids will hunt for long vowel words, play long vowel hopscotch, and long vowel concentration. 

Fishing For Vowels

Scholars identify vowel sounds. In this word study activity, they read the book Fish is Fish and go "vowel fishing." Pupils simulate a fishing trip by picking up fish cut-outs with a short vowel sound written on the fish. Then they sound out the correct vowel sound.

Short Vowels

Phonetic masters identify and recognize short vowel sounds by reading and listening to a story that highlights select words. They use picture clues to aid comprehension and construct a story by actively choosing and identifying short-vowel sounds that complete each C-V-C word. The lesson spans two days and includes several fun extension activities and good reading suggestions. 

Vowel Sounds: /air/ and /er/

All the best readers started out the same way. Build the foundational skills needed to recognize vowel sounds like /air/ and /er/. Early readers write a word to label each of nine images. Each image focuses on a different spelling pattern that comprises the medial sound. An answer key is included.

Vowel Sounds: A

Say aaaaa, because today your class will be practicing the short a vowel sound. They complete two activities. First the draw a line from the letter a to the objects that contain the medial /a/ sound. Then, they fill in the missing a to complete six cvc words.

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