The Napping House

K - 2nd

Students explore the concept of "wondering." They "wonder" what various objects in a bag are, read the book, "The Napping House" and wonder what will happen next, and create a multimedia slide for a different book.

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1 hr

The Story of the White House

Young historians explore U.S. history by reading a book with their class about the White House. They read the nonfiction book The Story of the White House, focusing on the sequence of events and details in the reading. They then define historical vocabulary terms and answer study questions. There is also an open-ended writing prompt included in this resource. 

Landscape Book

Pupils create a three-dimensional book about landscapes. They must show their understanding of shape, color and balance.

Making Movable Books

Investigate the parts of a book and in particular, the pop-up, tab, wheel, and or accordion features that can be added to a book to move and enhance the storyline. This is a three lesson unit.

The Napping House

How many people and animals can cram into a single bed? Find out with this cross-curricular math and language arts lesson plan. Following along with a reading of the children's book The Napping House by Audrey Wood, young mathematicians add and remove counters to ten-frames to model how many living creatures are sleeping in the bed. Extend the lesson plan by writing addition and subtraction equations that correspond to the events in the story. A fun activity that engages children in developing their number.

New Picture Books to Complement Your Curriculum

These picture books are for primary learners and older students alike.

Get Ready for the Reading Race!

Students practice the skills of sight recognition, rereading decodable text and repeated readings to become more fluent in reading. They assess flash cards with sight words on them and the book, "The Napping House," by Audrey Wood to assist them with their task for this lesson.

The Loud Trout Shouts!

Learners practice the strategies of phonemes and digraphs dealing with the correspondence "ou"=/ow/ in both spoken and written words. They listen as the book The Napping House by Audrey Wood is read to them and then they interact with Elkonin letter boxes.

Napping House

Read The Napping House and describe the visual characteristics of the illustrations.  In this perspective lesson, learners identify color elements.  They recognize that the text is repetitive and find patterns in the literature that will help them create their own book using the same patterns. 

Computer Alphabet Book

Students create an original alphabet book using technology. In this alphabet writing lesson students develop multimedia presentations which can be printed as books or Word processor Alphabet books. Older student may present their books to younger children. Students share books in classrooms.

Class Book Awards

Students create a class book award. In this book award lesson, students review the book awards already created (Caldecott or Newbery) and look at books that have received these awards. They come up with their own award and nominate new books every month by voting as a class. 

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